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    Probability limit of ridge estimator mu hat

    I have been working on the following question for a while but I stucked at a certain point. I have done part a and b and I found = (I_T + D'D)y where I_T is the identity matrix with dimension T, lambda is tuning parameter and D is the second order difference matrix which is a tridiagonal and...
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    An estimator for a Cumulative distribution function

    The salaries in a company distribute in a cumulative distribution function, λ is a constant. Am I correct to understand that η represents the minimum salary that is taken into account, and that the probability for every single salary is in relation to it? i.e the bigger the minimum salary, the...
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    general approach to handle missing data while doing simulation

    This is probably a naive question. I'm new to statistical simulation. So please be a little bit patient. I was just wondering, what are the general approaches to handle missing data fields while doing simulation? You can either add your own understandings or point me to some references or links...
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    Please help, which ANOVA should I use?

    Research Design: Two shock levels: .2ma and .8a. Two paradigms with 4 levels: NRIA, NR1a, NRCFC, NRC1a The NRIA and NRCFC groups experienced the .2ma while the NR1a and NRC1a got the .8ma shock. I want to see if the shock level and paradigm matters for cFos cell quantification. If it helps, I...
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    Random Sample Generation w/out Knowing P

    I'm trying to solve the following issue: I have two decks of cards. One deck of cards has 40 cards and the other deck has 30 cards. The makeup of cards in both decks is unknown to the tester, however, the tester knows that neither deck contains duplicate cards, respectively. The ultimate goal of...
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    Deriving the form of the best size for exponential distribution

    Hi everyone So in this question I am told that a supermarket claims that the mean time to serve a customer is equal to 4 mins.However, a customer claims it is greater than 4 mins. I am asked based off a sample of n=9, determine the form of the best test of which has size of a=0.05 So I...
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    Regression Analysis

    I'm trying to better understand linear regression by the following questions. (1) Linear regression assumes: a. The relationship between X and Y is a straight line. b. The residuals are normally distributed. c. The residuals are homoscedastic. d. Both homoscedastic and...
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    Cyclical Relationships

    Hello, My hypothesis (A-B) is a cyclical relationship. Which statistical test should I use to test this hypothesis and analyze data?
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    Rejecting or not rejecting the null hypothesis.

    A city council is considering drafting legislation related to the exclusion of renters with children. Since implementation will be expensive, they will only consider proceeding if the true proportion of apartments that prohibit children is more than 75 percent. Suppose that out of 125 sampled...
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    Bionomial Probability Distributions

    51% of men consider themselves professional baseball fans. You randomly select 10 men and ask each if he considers himself a professional baseball fan. Find the probability that the number who consider themselves baseball fans is (a) exactly five, (b) at least six, and (c) less than four (a)...
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    Having trouble trying to decided which statistical analysis to use.

    I'm writing a paper about Birth Order and Big 5 Personality test. I have Birth order in one column separated as 1= first borns and 2= laterborns. Then I have Family size in a column coded as 1= small fam, 2= small fam, 3= small fam, 4=large fam, 5= large fam, 6=large fam, 7= large fam, 8= large...
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    Need quick help for completing thesis in time

    Under statistical analysis this was the revised statement from my professor i cant understand what the % of cases mean ? Is it the number of participants? there where many participants,but i selected only a group of participants from the data set. Can someone help ? SPSS for windows (IBM...
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    ECG Database Analysis

    Hello, I'm analysing a set of 400 ECG signals (each one of a duration of 30 sec). I want to get the mean signal of all my signals but I don't know how to prove if my mean signal is representative of all the signals that I averaged. I know that I can use the standard deviation but I don't...
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    Statistical test to use

    Hi all, I really need some help on deciding what stats test to use :) I have conducted an experiment looking the what effect wearing minimalist shoes for eight weeks has on three walking variables (stride length, Stride frequency and walking speed). All participants came to the lab to have...
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    Weighted Kappas...please help!

    Hello! I've looked all over regarding how to do this but am still coming up short. Please help! I have 16 data points. I have provided the weights!! Please help! This is huge!!!! Data Point Weight Component 1 .33 A 2 .66...
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    Parametric or non-parametric test?

    Hi there, thanks in advance for any help you can give. I need to perform a correlation test between a parametric data set and a non-parametric data set: should I use a parametric test (Pearson) or a non-parametric test (Spearman's rho)? I'll be performing the analysis on SPSS.
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    New YouTube Channel for Stats Help

    Hello Everyone, As a long-time TA in Statistics, I have recently launched a YouTube Channel with the idea of providing help for students who are taking courses in introductory statistics and probability. The videos it contains are the online equivalents of the TA Review Sessions that I offer...
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    Proportion basic question

    Note: This is not homework, I am a Biologist trying to learn basic statistics. Hi, I am trying to learn basic probability and I would like to get the answer of the questions below. I honestly have not idea on how to even start solving it. Could someone show me or give me some advice on how to...
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    A little Help

    So I'm doing this stats project. My project was to test how far(inches) a toy car can go off a ramp of five different heights (5, 10, 15, 20, 25 degrees) and I did this test six times for each height to get 30 data points. (These were my distances 72.25, 73.5, 79.25, 79, 76.25, 81.625, 94...
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    Parametric or non-parametric for 2 sets of data being compared one normal one not

    Hi folks, I am in a dilemma and maybe one of you can help. I have 2 sets of data, one from a control group and one from an experiment group. Each group took a test before and after a period of time and difference calculated. When checking for normality within the data via Anderson-Darling I...