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    Help required for correlation of three dependent variables

    I am currently doing my Physiotherapy Masters dissertation. I am trying work out if there is a correlation between three dependent variables from the same sample (two ordinal data sets and one interval/ratio data set). I have already completed the correlations between each pair of data, but...
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    Statistics Help

    Hello Everyone, I'm quite new to Stats and desperately need some help here. I'm working on resource planning with some data. The data that I have is... number of work items per day during the last year. Number of work items keep changing day to day and these numbers could be anywhere...
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    Ordinal Regression

    Hi, I have a ordinal dependent variable with levels from 1 to 10.My independent variables are interval,nominal,ordinal and binary.Now if I want to establish the relationship between dependent and independent variable ,what is the ideal regression methodology. Thanks
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    Please help - I would appreciate any advice! (^_^)

    Hi Everyone, I'm doing a project that is evaluating the timeliness of emergency appendicectomies in a hospital. The literature states that delays beyond 24-48 hours significantly increase post-operative morbidity, complications and length of stay. I have two models to compare - one model...
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    Forest Plots - Please Help!!!!!

    How can I create forest plots? I want to calculate the odds ratio effectiveness of two treatments.. Can I create forest plots using SPSS (PASW)? or excel? Thank you in advance!
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    test whether 2 mean scores are significantly different

    I have two groups of participants; 1 group received treatment A and the other group received treatment B. I have the mean scores of the effectiveness for both groups. Group A mean score before treatment was 35 and after treament 20 Group B mean score before treatment was 25 and after...
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    How can data bellow the lower limit of detection be included in statistical analysis?

    How can data below the lower limit of detection be included in statistical analysis? My assay has a lower limit of detection of 10. How do I include data below this point in my analysis? Should I enter them as 10 or 0 or is it not possible to enter these values? I am only calculating...
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    Extrapolating from a small size

    I gathered information about biological behaviours, to be precise Malnutrition eg Weight-for-Height, Height-for-Age etc. Instead of 500, I collected 100. Is there any hint that i use to make the results i got from the 100 valid for 500. The package used is SPSS, if it matters. Currently, I...
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    Catagorical analysis

    Hello, I really need help deciding what statistical test to use, as I don't normally work with categorical data! I think I want to see if there is a significant difference between weak, intermediate and strong frequencies for between A and B at each temperature, and also if there is a change in...
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    Ranking question analysis

    I want to understand what is the best to analyze ranking data. We just completed a survey with 132 respondents. They were shown a list of 11 attributes and asked to pick the top 5. What method should be used to identify the top 3 attributes? Is it okay to do a straight mean if the N is...
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    method of maximum likelihood

    Hi, i know this is a long question but help would be greatly appreciated as ive no idea where to start, here it is: Let x1, x2, . . . , xn be an iid sample from a Gamma distribution with known shape parameter α and scale parameter β = 1/σ. . (a) Derive an estimate of σ using method of maximum...