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  1. J

    Hello, I'm new to this website. Can someone help me with decision making stats?

    Thank you! This is the problem below: Compact Cars Project – Part 1 - Proposal The spreadsheet entitled Compact Cars has sales data for six of the top car models, over a six month period in 2018. We do not have sales for the whole of 2018 year, meaning the data we have at hand is a sample of...
  2. bulletproofpineapples

    Which stats method to use? HELP stats rookie who just wants to graduate

    i am writing a proposal. i just need to mention my stats methods in a few lines but i'm not sure which is right. it is a study with 4 groups + 1 control categorised by different stages of a disease. all 4 groups are given one kind of intervention (excluding the control). at baseline, each...
  3. V

    2 Sample Distribute

    ROA is an indicator how profitable a company Is relative to its assets. Note: I know I haven't given the dataset.
  4. I

    Help its urgent!

    Q1)A certain stimulus administrated to each of the nine patients resulted in the following increase in blood pressure: 5,1,8,0,3,3,5,-2,4 Can it be concluded that blood pressure in general is increased by administrating the stimulus? Q2)A manufacturer of house dresses sent out advertising...
  5. E

    puzzle problem.

    Hello, trying to solve this problem for academic conference we are planning. - Attendees are divided equally into 8 groups (A-H). - Each group attends 4 workshops (1-4) through the course of the day, one after the other, in no specific order. - The groups are paired with 2 groups in each...
  6. A

    Factorial MANOVA or multivariate multiple linear regression? (2 DVs and 6 IVs)

    Hello, Very briefly, I'm working on my research proposal for my Psych MSc, and I'm trying to work out which tests would be best to use. As it currently stands, I have: 2 interval DVs (1 = score on a stress scale, 2 = score on a psychological wellbeing scale). 6 categorical IVs (all images of...
  7. M

    General Stats Problem. !How to create a power curve using excel?

    Can someone help me to solve these 4 questions?I'll appreciate it!!! I'm so confused. Lexico specializes in the manufacture of coated cables. Quality is a high priority at Lexico, and to ensure that products they supply to customers meet specifications and are defect free, Lexico relies...
  8. M

    0.00000 significance value

    Hi everyone, New to Talk Stats, so be nice! I have looked for an answer to my problem on previous posts but have not been able to find anything suitable. Basically I am comparing the data between three different groups who have all performed a particular type of examination. I have carried...
  9. H

    Help with choosing the right analysis and how to manage a gender-matching variable

    Hi there, Thanks for taking the time to read my question, it is very specific and based on a particular problem I've never come across before. I will start with the variables. IVs: 1. Corporal Punishment (CP; as a child) - Present or Absent. From both Mother and Father (measured...