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    Hiring statisticians for a long-term trading project

    Hi everyone We are working on a stock and forex based trading algorithm. We are using statistical methods in our trading. We are already funded (but not live yet) so this is going to be a job from 1st day. We already have the idea. All of our team members will get a slice from the pie. This is...
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    Which analysis should I use? Ordered Probit?

    I want to run a regression: (person's stock performance rating) = B(nonS&P/S&P500 portfolio concentration) + Ei ...where a person's stock performance is on a 1-10 point scale. I want to see what the probability a person's rating will be given the concentration of nonS&P to S&P stocks. I...
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    Merging Datasets

    Merging Datasets: Should I use a Many-to-Many Merge? Intro Thank you for taking the time to read this! I think my problem is complicated so I'll be detailed. Also, I do not know exactly what the solution will be, so the structure of my question might be convoluted. The Situation (in...