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    Normal Approximation to the binomial

    I'm trying to calculate the probability that there are greater than 300 successes from a pool of 1000 trials. I am told to use the normal approximation to the binomial and this is where is gets confusing. I have tried calculating the standard dev using =SQRT((100*0.3)*(1-0.3)). I am on the right...
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    Negative Binomial Distribution? NEED ADVICE AND HELP!!!!

    Assume City A has three parties, Party B, Party C, and Party D, with n1, n2, n2 citizens in them, respectively. Assume, for people in B, they will always support the motion by the government, while, for people in C, they will always be against the government. However, those in D will support the...
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    Statistics & probability: comparison of two binomial proportions

    Case #1: x1 = 121, n1 = 160, p1 = 121/160 = 0.75625 Case #2: x2 = 52, n2 = 100, p2 = 52/100 = 0.52 [symbols have usual meanings; 90% confidence interval to be used] Qn: Estimate the difference between the two proportions - show steps clearly, give a one sentence interpretation.
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    probability question (re success)

    got the answer already. thanks! :)