summary statistics

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    What things to include in summary statistics?

    Hye! So this is a question being given: Now I am going to include the mean, median, mode, range, interquartile range. But what about graphs?? Should I make Histogram, Frequency Distribution Table, Box plot,Bar chart. Or should I just draw one of them?? Its a 15 marks...
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    Reporting t-test (table) + boxplot (mean, range and outliers)

    Hi I am looking for a reasonably appropriate way to report t-test along with a summary statistics. Initially I only wanted to go with box plots, and now I have to add t-test results as well. Is it a good idea to report the t-test in a table with a box plot for summary statistics as below image...
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    how can I get summary for only a part of my data in R?

    I am very new to R, please help! I need the summary for F and M separately, I don't know which command should I use for this purpose? > x<-summary(cats) Sex Bwt Hwt F:47 Min. :2.000 Min. : 6.30 M:97 1st Qu.:2.300 1st Qu.: 8.95 Median...
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    Stata - selecting data to go into a panel

    I am fairly new to stata and I am trying to run a cross country panel data analysis. my data comes from a variety of sources e.g. World Bank, UN etc. I have imported the data for each variable seperately into Stata but I have noticed that for each variable I have data for different years and...
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    computing mode of a density function in R

    I want to compute mode of the following distribution in R. But i think my procedure is not correct to compute it . f <- function(x)(3/7)*x^2 #1<x<2 x=seq(1,2,length=5000) y = f(x) d = data.frame(x,y) d$x[d$y==max(d$y)]
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    the summary statistics for characterizing the differences between two data sets

    I have two measurements for the same experiment. Right now, I want to compare how different are these two measurements. Are there any summary statistics that can be used to describe the differences? In addition, are there any graphical approaches to visualize these differences? Mesurement1...
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    Tricky question: obtain r2 from a sample of 10 observations...that are unknown.

    OK, I've been trying to figure this problem out for 2 whole days... its tough, at least to me, and its driving me crazy! Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. From a sample of 10 observations, the following results were obtained: sum(Yi)=1110 sum(Xi)=1700 sum(XiYi)=205500...
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    customized summary stats

    Sorry if this has already been posted, as it's relatively simple. I am looking to print out summary statistics for several variables (which is easy after reading trinker's post about xtable) but I don't need all of the ones that come in the summary( ) command (viz the quartiles). Is there a...