survival analyses

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    R package for validation of flexible parametric survival models

    Is there any dedicated packages available for estimating ROC AUC for flexible parametric survival models ("stpm2")?
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    What are the differences between predictive and prognostic models?

    In the context of survival analysis, what is a prognostic model and a predictive model? How are they defined mathematically? And can one have a prognostic model for survival prediction? Thank you for taking the time to read my questions and provide your helpful answers.
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    How to correctly interpret log-rank test results

    I have question regarding the log rank test. I understand that this test is used to know whether two or more groups have different survival distributions.. I used this test to compare the survival distribution for 2 cohorts and my p-value result is 0.2, does this mean that there is not enough...
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    Logistic Regression vs survival analyses in large cohort studies

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice regarding the right statistical approach for a large cohort. I have a large prospective cohort of ~1.5 million lines of data. It contains people who were assessed as being eligible for an intervention who either went on to have the...