1. R

    SPSS Syntax: Create Custom Table of selected variables using macro

    I am able to create a list of selected variables that start with "ftj19a", but now I want to create a Custom Table of all these variables. How should I proceed? SPSSINC SELECT VARIABLES MACRONAME="MAC" /PROPERTIES PATTERN = "(ftj19a)" ...
  2. T

    Contrats coding

    I have a data set with eight conditions. Am trying to code a contrast to test the difference between condition 1 and condition 2 compared to the average difference between the conditions 3 and 4, 5 and 6, 7 and 8. Am doing this in SPSS with the following syntax: GLM DV BY COND...
  3. D

    Need help with syntax for count if function

    Dear all, could you please help me to write a syntax for following task: I have several occasions happening at certain dates, I need to calculate total number of cases that have happen before some deadline. client, deadline, letter1, letter2, letter3, letter4...
  4. B

    SPSS custom tables query

    Hi I am trying to create a custom table in SPSS which has both the count of a variable and the percentage of a variable in the same column. For example, for one row the column should display 850 (89.8) where 850 is the count and 89.9 is the percentage. Does anyone know if this is possible...
  5. P

    Missing values syntax- skip pattern survey

    HI. I am trying to look at the relation between smartphone use and app use and mode choice for a class assignment. I have some data which I got from an online forum , but the questions were skipped pattern. So how do I write a syntax for skip pattern in spss to define the value as missing...
  6. C

    Inefficient SPSS Macro

    I have details relating to over 700,000 customer contacts. Our customers may use more than one address (e.g. home and business) and more than one telephone number (e.g. mobile or landline). It is also possible that there may be more than one name (e.g. mis-spelling) recorded for a particular...
  7. P

    Getting SS for specific groups in 2 way ANOVA

    I am trying to isolate the SS from the interaction between two of three groups in the analysis, but I do not know how to do this through the syntax. There is an interesting interaction but I need to parse out the SS for each of the groups. Here is my current syntax: GLM EPATotWPre KATotWPre...
  8. N

    Create 2 files: 1 with values only, 1 with labels only

    I have a set of survey data that I'm trying to import into another program. The .sav file has a combination of text and values (values have value labels). Here's what i need: 1 file with VALUES only as data 1 file with TEXT only as data What is the most efficient way to do this? Thank you
  9. T

    How to input distance matrix in SPSS to do Twostep cluster analysis?

    I already have a distance matrix (1609*1609) and each distance is between 0~1. I want to cluster 1609 items into natural groups by using Twostep cluster in SPSS. I want to use the distance matrix as input for Twostep cluster analysis. How to modify the syntax to do that? Or I cannot do it...
  10. S

    For EFA, is there a syntax to compute factor scores when missing data?

    I know there is a way to compute a sum when data are missing (e.g., I have 8 variables I want to sum and I'm okay if 2 are missing so I would use sum.6(var1, var2, var3,...). Is there also a way to compute factor scores when I have missing data? Is there any reason why I should NOT compute a...
  11. L

    Syntax: Use values from dataset as reference line in scatterplot

    I have a dataset with K subjects, all analyzed for L aspects, M parameters per aspect and the mean and difference of 1 of these M parameters. After Layered by ASPECTS, using GGRAPH /GRAPHDATASET NAME="graphdataset" VARIABLES=read write /GRAPHSPEC SOURCE=INLINE. BEGIN GPL SOURCE...
  12. J

    Syntax for Recoding Dates

    I have a range of dates from ~1950 to the present that are in the 5 digit Excel/Microsoft date code. I'd like to create date ranges. I'm looking for something like recode date into year (42005 thru 42369) = 2015 (the above syntax might be off by a bit, but you get the picture!)...
  13. D

    Higher Order EFA in SPSS

    Greetings, I am currently in need of syntax to run a higher order EFA on SPSS. I have found several that take me through preliminary factor analysis, but I cannot find a way to create the second order factors. HELP!!!!
  14. F

    MIXED model syntax - simple main effects

    Hi! I am running a mixed effects models in spss and have found a significant interaction between session and sex. I now wants to examine the simple effects for sex and I've been trying the below syntax but keeping getting the following warning message: "The symbol sex was found following...
  15. E

    Syntax and formula for the 99% confidence interval for a proportion

    According to: The 99% confidence interval for 23 out of 125 is: +-8.93, where observed proportion is 23/125=18.4%. When I try and replicate this in Stata, with reference to this...
  16. G

    Syntax Raw Score and Missing Values

    Hi, I am trying to calculate the raw score of a 76 item, 4 point likert scale questionnaire. First, a subscore has to be calculated, for example, DATASET ACTIVATE DataSet1. COMPUTE NewVar=SS_49AT3 + SS_52AT3 + SS_56AT3 + SS_59AT3 + SS_63AT3. EXECUTE. However, from here I need to know...
  17. S

    [LISREL 8.7] syntax for a formative second order model

    Hi: I am developing a scale, which is theoretically a first order reflective, and second order formative model. I have already analyzed the first order model and everything's ok, and results indicate that i should continue with a second order formative model. I do not know how to write the...
  18. E

    How to specify the number of cards while creating an orthoplan?

    Hello seniors, I need help to specify the number of cards generated when creating an orthoplan design. I read that the default number of cards generated is 8, but when I typed 10, it resulted in 12. I modified the data view of the cards to only 10 cards and also the data of preference to only...
  19. N

    Return Variable Name

    I need to figure out the highest subscale score of 14 subscales for each participant. I have used the MAX function before but this only returns the highest score numerically. I would like SPSS to find and generate the name of the subscale with the highest score, listed as a new variable. Is this...
  20. J

    SPSS Macro or Looping Function

    Hi All, I am hoping to get some advice about a possible macro or looping expression that may save me some time here. I have 50 columns of data across 90,000 rows that stipulate product departments that each individual viewed during a specific web visit. Each column could take one of 72...