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    How to report linear regression results (Matlab)?

    Hello, I performed a simple linear regression analysis in Matlab and am unsure about how to report the results. I definitely mention the coefficients and the p-value, but do I mention the t-statistics as well? And if so, how exactly? This is an example Matlab output:
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    T-testing of two samples(question about t-statistic)

    Hi have two questions regarding an t-test assignment i did. Basically the null hypothesis was that if sample x2 differed 35 off the mean from sample x1 was it reject-able? The mean of sample x is 395 The mean of sample ý is 435. So the issue is that i think the nominator for the t-statistic...
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    Pleease help!? Filling in "blanks" in Regression Output

    Hello! Can someone please explain, I need to fill in the blanks marked They provide this info in a row: Coeff:-9074.674 Std.Err: ?? p-value: 0.000 95% Conf.Intervall: -13272.86, -4876,485 How do I calculate Std.Err & t-stat here? Please help me, thank you! :) Best Regards
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    F- Value to T- value in an ANOVA test

    So i did a minitab ANOVA test, it spat out a F-Value. A question in an assignment needs me to give them a t-statistic. Can i use this F-value as the t-statistic? Or do i need to do some sort of calculation to get the T-statistic. Sorry if this is a dumb question, ive looked online for...
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    Measuring the presence of a correlation

    1. Given a frequency data set (collected from 10 users by letting them watch certain videos and asking some questions about the videos) how do I determine any correlation between two variables (`Correctly guessed` and `Correctly memorized`) and calculate the significance level? Video...
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    Averaging regression coefficients for 50 regression , how to report t statistic ??

    hi i have estimated same regression equation for 50 stocks, i need to report the cross sectional average of the regression coefficients, how can i report the t statistic for the cross sectional averages. Shoulc i average them too?? help needed
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    Critical Value (T-Statistic Question)

    Hey everyone, I have gathered some data for a school project and I am calculating the various ways to express the data. I have come to the point where I should represent the t-statistics, but I am having some trouble with the critical value portion. I have already done the one sample t-test...
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    Can I trust a regression if variables are autocorrelated?

    Hello everyone! Both variables (dependent and independent) show autocorrelation effects. When I run regression and estimate the residuals, they are not autocorrelated and durbin-watson statistic is small. Can I trust my regression output, are the t-statistics reliable? thank you :)
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    will high correlation between covariates in a regression model invalidate t-stat?

    deleted. I figured it out. Thank you.