t-test two-sample

  1. G

    z-score help?

    Hi, I asked 100 people to make a single rating one a 40-point scale. Half of them got a scale ranging from 10-50. The other half got a scale from 60-100. These are organized as two columns of (incomplete) data, column A and B. I'd like to compare their means using an independent-samples t-test...
  2. N

    Test for analyzing significance of trend?

    I am working on a dataset where a new administrator joins a school, and I want to see if it affects the number of students at the school. There are also characteristics of the administrator (age, gender, years of experience) and types of students (split by grade and core subject). I have the...
  3. confused_pleasehelp

    two-sample assuming unequal variances - too sensitive?

    Hi there, I'm comparing image values in a tumour region before and after treatment. I'm trying to see if the value of the pixels is significantly different after treatment. The histogram distributions look like this (for one tumour): I assumed using the 'two-sample test assuming unequal...
  4. LostLizzy

    I am so lost about what test to use... Help!

    I am in the process of comparing the difference in times to complete a task between two groups... I thought that a two-sample T-test would be best but I am rubbish and keep second-guessing myself! HELP! o_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_O
  5. H

    Paired T-Test

    I am trying to see if there is a strong correlation between two datasets, but I am not confident that the paired t-test could be used. The first dataset is a score from 1 to 6 and the second set is percent grade received from a score. I am trying to determine if those with a higher score tend to...
  6. R

    Comparing pooled variances?

    Hi all, I have a problem where I want to prove that the data belonging to invidivuals of one group has a higher variance than the other. The experiment involves a parameter of movement that changed in one group of organisms, but without a clear trend. The parameter remains stable in...
  7. C

    How to report t-test, CIs, cohen's d etc of log-transformed data

    I am wondering what is best/normal practice for reporting the results of an independent t-test of log-transformed data? For context, I am comparing the value of household assets for children who are attending pre-primary school with children who are NOT attending pre-primary school in Uganda...
  8. T

    Two sample t-test between percents in Python?

    Hi guys, I have a bunch of data in the following format (sorry, it does not format well on here): Key Indicator-----------First Group------------Second Group ------------------Observations---Mean-----Observations----Mean 1 Grade change...
  9. E

    [SPSS - T-Test] - understanding how to approach a question

    Hello, I have I inputted my data into SPSS. This is the question that I have been given: Compare the QABF attention(interval data)scores and demand(interval data) scores of people with a diagnosis of FXS and those with any diagnosis. Are people with FXS more likely to have lower...
  10. B

    t-test for large sample size - bike hire data

    Hello everyone, I'm taking a graduate-level statistics course at the University of Glasgow which includes a methods assignment. The assignment requires us to correctly execute several statistics, including one and two sample t tests. To complete my assignment, I'm using a large dataset...
  11. L

    Repeated measures when pre/post group is not independent or dependent

    Hello, I am running a pre-post study using several different instruments (e.g. 1-5 Likert scale instruments which produce a final score). It is being done to a group of employees at a hospital pre and post a new intervention approach with patients. However, as some of the questions on the...
  12. S

    Bootstrap procedure to test difference between correlation coefficients

    Hi everyone, I have two correlation coefficients (r1 and r2), obtained within the same sample (20 subjects). My aim is to test it they are significantly different. r1 is the correlation between a neurophysiological parameter and a behavioural parameter in condition A; r2 is the correlation...
  13. galegirly

    what type of statistical analysis would you apply?

    I am a teacher. I've done pre and post intervention testing with a group (n=17) of pupils. I also did the same tests with another group (n=17) who had no intervention, they just had business-as-usual teaching. Whats the first thing you would do - compare the initial test scores for the two...
  14. C

    Which test should I use?

    Hello, I'm writing my thesis and I'm clueless about which statistic test I need to apply ( is it T-test, Chi-text, Anova …), I will do my ststistics on SPSS. In my thesis I have 2 sets (=2 groups) of patients with the same disease, one group gets a specific treatment , while the second group...
  15. P

    Please help a very confused Paramedic Student

    As part of my final year Bsc degree I am writing a research proposal. HOWEVER I am struggling to wrap my head round which statistical test would best suit my data. The Research is an RCT with an intervention and a control group (2 groups). I would like to compare the incidence rate of...
  16. S

    Unique " t - test" - Kindly help

    I want to find the dominant one among two theories which give predictions about the relationships between one dependent variable( Y ) and some independent variables ( X ). The predictions of the two theories are mutually exclusive , i.e. if one theory predicts a positive relationship between Y...
  17. P

    I'm Confused Between Independent T-Test, Mann-Whitney And Chi Square Test?

    hello everyone, i need your help regarding these statistical tests since i'm not really big on stats. i want to know if there are any significant difference between the two groups in my study. i'm confused which statistical treatment i will be using. here's a little background on my study. i...
  18. C

    T test with unequal sample sizes

    Hi there, I need to compare if the mean of my sample (n=74) is significantly different from the mean of the standardization sample (n=300) (the one that comes in the manual for the measure I am using). I only have the mean, SD, and sample size information for the standardization sample...
  19. T

    t-Test Two-Sample

    Hi, I perform t-Test Two-Sample in Excel using the Analysis Tool pack. I used both methods: 1) Assuming Unequal Variances, 2) Assuming Equal Variances. I get in both cases that they are significant. How can it be? The H0 assumption is opposite in both cases. Isn't it? Thanks, Tamiri