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    Comparing a Binomial and Normal Distribution

    So I'm currently analyzing several sets of data, that all represent the exact same type of data. There are multiple sets of this data, but however are in different forms. That is, some of this data is in the binary form, either presence of absence, while others are in the quantitative form. My...
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    Basic help with stats for drug treatments

    Hi there :wave: So I haven't a clue where to start and am hoping someone on here can point me in the right direction. I'm starting to analyse my data from laboratory research but I don't know which test to use. My data is numerical and follows a normal distribution. I have 2 different...
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    When do I use chi square and when a t-test? I just don't get the difference...

    Hi there, I'm trying to teach myself statistics from a book but I don't understand when I have to use t test and when chi squares. I tried to look it up on google but I still don't get it! To what I understood, you use BOTH for determining if there's a difference between groups and if this...
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    Test for differences across tasks according to group

    Hello, Hoping someone can help as I am at a bit of a loss of what inferential statistics to run for my masters work. I have low anxiety and high anxiety participants (20 of each). They complete two memory tasks. In one memory task they have distractors and in anther memory task there are...
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    Comparing a sub-population to its overall population?

    Hi there, I am collecting data from a population of about 150 or so, and also from a subpopulation within that of 10-15 which are receiving a specific treatment. I am aiming to compare their scores on the same measure, to see if this population receiving treatment is truly 'special' in some...
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    Confusing Power of T Test!

    Hey all, This is my first post to this site. My question is: I am using this (given) regression to find the relationship between gender and wage: Lnwage = Beta0 + Beta1male + Beta2Professional + Beta3Management + Beta4Educ + u My professor wants me to test the power of the test with...
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    Permutation Testing to find significant molecules

    Apologies if this is quite a basic question but I'm fairly new to stats. I have a 24 x 70 matrix consisting of rows of 24 human serum samples and columns of protein intensity values for 70 different proteins. The 1st 12 rows are healthy people (type 1), the remaining 12 rows are patients...
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    Comparison of two data sets

    Hello, I'm trying to compare two normally distributed data sets that have roughly equivalent standard deviations (at most a factor of 2 different). I'm using the T test to determine a statistical difference between these populations but the p value being returned is often on the order of...
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    Comparing groups- what test to use

    Hello, I am looking to compare the means for two groups (midfield - forward; top - bottom) against each other. Could someone please assist me in choosing what t test to use, or whether it is even a t test. an example of the data I am comparing is: Goals Top 5 Goals Bottom 5...
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    Help on analysis of simulation results

    Hello. I am performing simulations on a project (changing durations of activities randomly from lognormal distribution). I perform 100 simulation runs with different acitivity durations on the same project. Afterwards, I insert additional activities in the project schedule and run 100...
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    Overcoming small dataset anomalies in genetic algorithm

    Hello Talk Stats, this is my first post on this forum, interestingly typing in modeling forum in google took me to a series of websites that was not my desired search result. So I am currently making my 6th version of a model designed to predict the likelihood of of a particular medical...
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    Comparing two groups of cells - Which test to use?

    So I have a project to compare the formation of junctions of two groups of cell lines - a normal and a mutated one. I have number of junctions formed plotted against time for each group. For example: Normal cells have 3 junctions after 120 seconds, 6 junctions after 180 seconds... The mutated...
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    A question about paired sample t test

    I have a question about paired sample t test, your advices are much appreciated. Thanks. I know paired-sample t test is for the same group of people to test their pre and post tests and see if they have a significant gain between their pre and post tests. If the treatment is progressive, can...
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    comparison for 2 independent groups , t test or ANOVA

    What test should i use for a comparison between two independent groups of N=30. Also if a questionnaire is made with only 2 answers like yes or no per question , should i use U Mann- Whitney or a parametric test ?
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    Which statistical procedure to use (given standard deviations and means)?

    Can someone please help me with this? Which statistical procedure could I use, and how could I set this up? A company operates four machines during three shifts each day. From production records, the data in the table below were collected. At the .05 level of significance test to determine if...
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    t test or ANOVA, ? normal distribution

    I have an experiment on cancer cell lines. There are 7 cell lines. Each cell line is treated with a different concentration of the same drug. The average concentration that killed half the cells in each cell line is calculated, along with a standard deviation as follows: Cell Line //////...
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    Family-wise error rate in T test and ANOVA

    I'm using one psychological questionnaire that consists of 3 sub scales. As part of the data analysis, I want to carry out 2 Independent sample T tests and 1 one-way ANOVA for each sub scale. I need to do the ANOVA because the independent variable in this case (age) has 4 levels. So my question...
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    T-test or one-way ANOVA? Please help!

    My research study proposal title is: "Acute effects of aerobic exercise compared with standard medicinal treatments on the dysregulation of the HPA axis in women with post partum depression" So basically I'm looking at exercise versus medication as a treatment for postpartum depression. I...
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    [Statistical Assumptions] Do elite samples violate assumptions?

    If you have millions of dollars, please respond. Thanks for your attention & feedback.
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    [Independent and Repeated T Tests] Choosing Best Design Methods

    No feedback. Problem solved.