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    How can I make one frequency table out of multiple categorical variables?

    We are trying to create one frequency table (with frequencies or percentages) for multiple categorical variables, but whenever we do it, we always get a separate freqeuncy table for each of the variables, even if we drag all of them into the variable window simultaneously.
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    Different degrees of freedom when reporting multiple T-tests

    Please refer to Table attached. This study compares those without a phobic disorder (n=83) with those with a phobic disorder (n=16) on Temperament scores. What I am confused about, is the reporting of the degrees of freedom: shouldn't the degrees of freedom all be the same number (i.e., n -...
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    Ordering Data

    Hello, everyone! I am still learning to use Statistical softwares and I have a question about R. I have a data table which has one column with 5571 codes, one code in each line. Each code has 7 digits and I need to delete the last digit of each code. I want to know if I can do this in an...
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    Create tables /// export tab results directly to excel

    I generating a descriptive report for my boss ( that is just frequency tables). I tab everything in stata and the copy as a table and paste it excel. This can be a cumbersome task if i have many variables. Specifically, I have a bunch of scale variables:Are you proficient in: (1 to 4 scale)...
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    Trying to display 3+ scaled variables in one table

    SPSS TABLES: Trying to display 3+ scaled variables in one table Hello, I've been trying to display 3 variables that use the same scale with the same value labels in one table in SPSS V19 and have been unsuccessful. example: Q1. On a scale of 1 to 5 how satisfied are you with your ISP...
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    output list variables as a table

    I'm using this command to list some variables: . list schoolid u0 u0se if pickone==1 What is the equivalent command if I want this in a table format? I've tried various uses of tab... and am getting unpredictable results or errors. The reason for the table is because I need to put the...
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    Visualization of Likert Data

    Hi, So I'm currently analysing my data on a survey I carried out based on attitudes towards cognitive enhancers. Attitudes were measured on a 6 point(Strongly Disagree-Strongly Agree) Likert scale based on statements (eg: Use of cognitive enhancers before and exam is cheating). Survey was...