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    Hello everybody! Can someone explain me how to consider the terms " 1(Xi > 0) " and the error term €i in the expression below ? This relationship comes from the article "Dealing with the log of zero in regression models" Dealing with the Log of Zero in Regression Models by Christophe...
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    NO COMMON FACTOR VARIANCE in factoral analysis?

    Hi all, I have been told there is a term to describe the scenario when there is no (significant) common factor variance in a factor analysis model. I have tried googling this, and many connotations, as well as staring blankly at my screen with my eyes crossed just incase the answer were...
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    Confusing terms.

    These terms are confusing me! Are there any terms that are synonymous with one another or do they all have different definitions? Independent variable Dependent variable Level Population of interest Population unit Variable of interest Statistical population Sample statistic