test statistic equation

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    Derivation of random variable for chi-square distribution.

    Hello all, In the chi-square distribution, how is the value of random variable derived. In the textbooks, the random variable is given directly as. 1st equation is for random variable, 2nd value is the test statistic used during inference of variance of a population. Source: Introduction to...
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    Help on our research

    Please help me determine what statistics should we use IV= Dimple Placement/location, 6 kinds of dimple placement EXAMPLE PIC of our questionair: http://oi61.tinypic.com/350tfg4.jpg DV= Level of attraction Our questionaire looks like this the Picture of the guy with diff kinds of...
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    equations used to calculate statistics in SPSS

    Hi, guys! I would like to find out if there is a possibilty to see somewhere the actual equation which is used to calculate statistic for a particular test in SPSS? For exampe: I currently try to run survival analysis on some data. SPSS gives Wilcoxon (Gehan) statistic to compare two...