trend detection

  1. R

    Tracking trends in count data - excel

    I seem to have forgotten how to something I'm sure I used to know how to do... I'm looking at count date and I want to be able to plot when each 'thing' (my example is colour, but not in real life) by date and time - so that I can visually see when each 'thing' happens most. Normally I'd just...
  2. E

    trend or forecast

    I have done some research related to computer users and files generating pattern on PC. I collected data from PC where I have information when (date) , time, size of file, user, and file name. What I want to do is to divide this data into two groups, with first data set I want to find pattern...
  3. S

    What tests and analysis for 50 year data collected on fashion trends

    So, it is said that whatever is in fashion once comes back someday or the other. We have collected data on 10 different garment types, each having 5 different sub-types on what was in fashion in 50 years. (Eg- Jeans->Waist->High/Low/Mid-rise) We plan on assigning each sub-type a grade/number...
  4. N

    Do the same minimum value requirements apply to chi-square for trend, as chi square?

    Hi, I'm doing a project about dilated kidneys, these can be arranged into mild, moderate and severe. There are 53 patients in total. I want to see if there is a trend in the severity of dilatation between those that have an 'adverse outcome' (like surgery, scarring etc) and those who do not...
  5. M

    von Neumann test for trend analysis

    Hi! Recently, I’ve come across von Neumann test for trend detection. I cannot find whether it has any particular assumptions – any info (as well as references) would be greatly appreciated. Cheers mcdomell