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    One or Two Way ANOVA?

    Hi all, Just had a quick question regarding whether or not I should be using a one or two way ANOVA to see the effect of caffeine on heart rate. My groups are: control, coffee, energy drink. My sample size is 50 for each group and for each individual I tested at the following times: initial...
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    Negative Binomial Distribution? NEED ADVICE AND HELP!!!!

    Assume City A has three parties, Party B, Party C, and Party D, with n1, n2, n2 citizens in them, respectively. Assume, for people in B, they will always support the motion by the government, while, for people in C, they will always be against the government. However, those in D will support the...
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    Help! should I use svy: logit or xtlogit random effect for stratified cluster RCT?!

    Hi, I'm analysing some secondary outcome data from a cluster RCT and I don't know whether to do it using svyset and then svy: logistic or whether to do xtlogit , or i(cluster) re ...they give very different odds ratios and so i do need to know which is correct! The trial design is as...