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    Truncated Data Analysis - Standard Deviation

    It has been too long since I have utilized statistics, so looking for a little simple instructions. Need to verify if my approach is at all correct? I have a problem where we have recorded the volume liquid entering a tank every day for 16 months. I would like to use statistical analysis to...
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    problem in gen. initial in winbugs

    dear all members i have a small problem in the code below. in the last step gen initial and after press on this key i cannot get on result because the program still generate these values and i cannot get on any resutls after then i must close the program because it is not work and restart it...
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    sum of truncated Normal Variables

    Hello all, I am trying to find if there exists a closed solution for the following: X~N(u,var) {normal dist) Y~N((u,var)|Y>a) {truncated normal dist} Z1=X+Y Is Z distribution is known? Thanks, Alon
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    Transforming Truncated Data - Possible? Suggested?

    I have now spent countless hours/days looking in statistics texts and performing online searches to determine the appropriate way to treat my current data scenario. And, I have found no answers.:confused: I am using "high school GPA" data as collected by a university as an independent variable...