two factor anova

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    Two-way partially crossed design - model selection and inference

    I have data from an ecological experiment featuring a partially crossed design. The experiment manipulated air temperature (3 levels: T1, T2, T3) and precipitation (2 levels: W1, W2). However, the T2-W2 treatment combination was not performed. We have a number of response variables (e.g. plant...
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    Two-way-ANOVA in

    Hello, I am using for a two-way-ANOVA with repeated measures on both factors. The results for row and column variables seems to be alright, but the interaction effect between row and column variables shows a F value of 0 and a p-value of 1. I don't understand how I should...
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    My friend and i got two different results involving a test on two factor anova.

    I got the answer D He got the answer C We both used a variation of the matlab tool to get our P values. My hunch is that there was a mixup in the way we look at "test for no interaction" and that one of us mixed up the factor order.
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    2 Way ANOVA or multiple t tests with correction?

    Hi all, I am trying to do some data analysis, and I'm not sure whether to use a 2 way ANOVA or multiple t tests with Bonferroni correction. I am looking at the effect of a chemical on bacterial binding to different polymers. So for each polymer, I want to know if there is a difference in...
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    Compare differences between exp. and contr. of two groups

    Hi! I already used lots of search engines without finding an answer to my problem. I am testing two methods for manipulating religious belief. For each of the methods there exists an experimental and a control group. So there are in total four groups (between-subject design). My hypothesis...
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    In SPSS two factor ANOVA, how to compare control groups across other factor?

    I have two factors: Brainregion (4 levels) and Group (5 levels). Glutamate is my dependent variable. (data attached in data file) Brainregion Group Glutamate CC Control 11.37339396 CB Control 11.18106494 HC Control 11.45533601 PM Control 10.62418165 CC Alcohol 10.4039496 CB Alcohol 9.882992035...