two variables

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    Need help: What is the appropriate test to perform?

    Dear All, I have some troubles choosing the right test to my data. I have 7 groups in total with N=8 samples each. Group 1: control Group 2: Variable 1 = A, Variable 2 = 1 Group 3: Variable 1 = A, Variable 2 = 2 Group 4: Variable 1 = A, Variable 2 = 3 Group 5: Variable 1 = B, Variable 2 =1...
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    Two variable OLS Regression - using normal equations

    Hi, I am experiencing difficulties in understanding the following question; I have been assigned two variables (X and Y), and have been given a data-set which consists of 50 data entries for both variables X and Y, ranging from 15-60. I have also calculated ƩX, ƩX^2, ƩXY and ƩY. Essentially...
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    [Excel/SPSS] - How to compare group homogeneity (2 variables)

    Hey dear forum members, it's my first time here, so a big hello to everyone reading this. First of all, I hope my headline gave you a clear idea of what my problem is. The problem arose during my work for a seminar paper in linguistics for my teaching degree here in Vienna. DATA: I...