unbalanced analysis

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    Computing Mean and Confidence Interval for an Unbalance Dataset

    Hello everyone, I am working on a project in which I am comparing a specific physiological value for a large set of species (75 Species in Total). One of the things that I wanted to do was to compute the mean and confidence interval of the data of all the species together, to show all the data...
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    Repeated measures 2x3 design on SPSS

    My data has two factors. Factor 1 has 2 levels and Factor 2 has 3 levels. ie a 2x3 design. Right? The study is within-subjects. So on SPSS, I went to General Linear Model -> Repeated Measures and entered factor 1 (2) and factor 2 (3). But then when I go to define it, SPSS gives me: 1,1...
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    unbalanced design in contingency table analysis. Is it a restriction?

    I conducted a research in to elucidate the biology a of an insect seed predator that infest seeds of a palm specie in cloud forest in Venezuela. I did collected seeds directly from the palm and seeds picked up from the forest floor in two localities. I want to know if differences exists between...