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    Testing if the averages between two independent data are closer compared to two other data

    Suppose that I sample 4 independent datasets from different, 1D normal distributions: data1, data2, data3 and data4. I want to test if data1 and data2 have closer means compared to data3 and data4, e.g if |m_1 - m_2| < |m_3 - m_4| I define the following variable Zij: if m_i - m_j...
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    Logistic regression - behavior of uncorrelated predictors

    Hi all, I am a bit puzzled about the behavior of uncorrelated predictors in logistic regression. As in OLS, I thought that if two predictors (X1 and X2) are uncorrelated, then the regression weights of X1 will not change from a regression that only includes X1 to one that includes X1 and X2...
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    What does uncorrelatedness and independence imply?

    Dear all, I'm currently reading papers of statistical modelling. I encountered with the concepts of uncorrelatedness and independence. I understand the definitioins, but I am wondering what are the real effects they can make in statistical analysis? For example, I have a dataset and I use...