uniform distribution

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    Question on distribution (newsagent profit problem)

    I know that the given distribution is a discrete uniform distribution to model the number of customers. How do I link this to the two possible events (given in the hint) to get the expected value of profit as a function of n, and how do I get this function when the profit function seems to be...
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    Mode of a Uniform Distribution

    Hi Folks, I searched for this (google, wiki, Talk Stats) and didn't find the response (which doesn't mean it's not there somewhere but...). Looking at the definition for Mode it seems to leave the door open to the mode of a uniform distribution being multimodal containing all of the data...
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    Inverse transform sampling

    Hi, I am trying to understand the proof of following theorem exposed by Keith Knight in Mathematical Statistics (p.24, 2000). However, I am struggling with its statement. I am confused with the difference between F(x) , the usual way to express distribution functions, and F(X) . What does...
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    Uniform Distribution - probabilities

    Hi guys, I am trying to solve an exercise but it seems to bem somehow strange. It is an experiment where A believes that men are bigger than women but B doesn't believe that, since A wants to convince B thatn ran an experiment and called randomly a number and ask to the person who answered the...
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    Summing Uniform Distributions

    Hi, I can't seem to work out (or find anywhere) how to add two independent uniform distributions. My problem is as follows: I have random variable X~Unif(0,13), and error Z~Unif(-0.5,0.5) which is independent of X. I need to find Y=X+Z, the joint pdf of X and Y, as well as the...
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    The avarage age problem

    Hi Guys, I’m trying to figure out a good model for modeling the average age of a population. More specifically the average number of years people have been enrolled at a university who are in turn members of a club, which I call “age”. • The rate at which new members arrive could be...
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    A uniform distribution problem

    A person's score in a test is uniformly distributed over [0,100]. She is permitted three attempts at the test. However, after the first attempt, she is permitted to either accept that score as the final score or else to discard the score and take the second attempt. Similarly after the second...
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    Combining expected values and variances

    Hi! First post here so cut me a bit of slack :) Hopefully an easy topic too (I'm new to stats). If I have some values for E(X) (e.g. 5min) and Var(X) (e.g. 2min^2) for a uniform distribution for say, the waiting time at a bank, how can I calculate, for example, the E(X) and Var(X) over a week...
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    cumulative distribution function of a uniform distribution

    I just need some help on the question below. Bacteria are grown in a dish for a length of time (in hours) T which is a random variable with a uniform distribution over the range 5 to 6; that is, it has the pdf F(t) = {1, 5<= t <=6} {0, otherwise} the number of bacteria Y, in the dish...
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    Gini coefficient for a uniform distribution of wages

    I need to compute the Gini coefficient for a uniform distribution of wages between a lower bound L and a higher bound K. What formula should I use ? Thank you for helping.