1. A


    25% of all students enrolled in high school XYZ are taking Algebra. 30 students are chosen at random. Find the probability that exactly 7 students out of the 30 chosen are taking Algebra? Use the Binomial Probability Distribution. a. ≈≈16.86% b. ≈≈15.58% c. ≈≈16.62% d. ≈≈15%
  2. S

    What test to use in SPSS....PLS HELP :((

    Hi, I'm trying to write my dissertation for my 3rd year undergrad project and I am really stuck with the stats :( I carried out an observational study using questionnaires looking at public knowledge of dementia. I specifically want to look at how knowledge of Alzheimer's Disease (AD) and...
  3. S

    URGENT! Reviewing SPSS output

    Hi guys, I'm needing help with figuring out my results for logistic regression, I have to get this in to my supervisor in 6 hours and I'm freaking out! I'm sure it'd be easy as pie for someone who knows the basics.. I've never been good with statistics, if anyone is willing to help can you...
  4. I

    Help its urgent!

    Q1)A certain stimulus administrated to each of the nine patients resulted in the following increase in blood pressure: 5,1,8,0,3,3,5,-2,4 Can it be concluded that blood pressure in general is increased by administrating the stimulus? Q2)A manufacturer of house dresses sent out advertising...
  5. B

    Regression Analysis-Moderation or Mediated Analysis

    Please excuse my lack of understanding of Regression Analysis, but would it be more appropriate to run a moderated or mediated regression analysis for the following question: "Researchers theorized that metacognition for perception may underlie the relationship between source monitoring...
  6. stacy

    spss independence tests

    hi, i have 3 qualitative latent variables, each of these variables is composed of 4 sub variables two of the latent variables are independent one is dependent i want to test the impact of the IV on the DV and to test the link between both two IVs and whether this link has an impact on the...
  7. E

    Genstat help

    Genstat input - which structure should I use? Hi all, I'm doing a statistics unit as part of my uni degree and I'm having some trouble with an assignment question. We were given a set of data to analyse and I cannot work out which way to put it in genstat. All the options I've tried give the...
  8. L

    Help need to decide what stat test to use.

    For my dissertation I am investigating the effect of zinc nano particles in plant growth. I want to test for significance in the change in plant growth. For example the average growth of my control plant was 41mm. Then from here the growth of my plants under different concentrations of zinc nano...
  9. T

    homoscedasticity violated in more ways than one?

    Hello I need some advice, I am using multiple regressions in SPSS. My data is not entirely normal in its distribution but not bad enough to make me wince with fear. All my variables are measured upon a 1-7 likert scale. However upon running my regressions I am getting two problems, one of which...
  10. U

    Random variables and probability distributions

    The question i need help to is below: Laboratory tests on a large shipment [several thousands] of radios revealed that 6.5% are defective. On arrival of the shipment at the local distributor, 30 of the radios were randomly selected for a promotion. (a) Define the random variable for...
  11. Izzy

    Finding value representing the indicated percentiles help!

    Hi, I am having some issues solving this problem involving stock prices for indicated percentiles. Use the following set of stock prices (in dollars)... 10 7 20 12 5 15 9 18 4 12 8 14 Find the stock price representing the indicated percentiles... 25th & 95th What I did for...
  12. A

    I need your help (Urgent)

    Hi, I received the below statistics question from my teacher please help me to solve it. Question: When approaching an iceberg, the captain of a ship is trying to estimate its submerged volume in order to determine the safe distance needed to get around the iceberg. 1. The captain...