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    Pearson product Correlation

    If I am looking for a relationship between several different variables (personality characteristic, attachment, eating pathology) does it matter that they have all been measured on different scales? For example - some give a score out of 20, some of the sub scales give scores out of 5 and so...
  2. A

    closest value into a macro variable

    Hi everyone, I have a numeric variable, lets call it 'times'. I have a macro variable 'myTime' defined to be some value, lets say 200. I would like to extract the closest value in 'times' to 'myTime' as a new macro variable 'closestTime'. Would anyone know how to modify the code below so it...
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    Modelling a variable

    Hi everybody, my problem is a variable (age) that I wish to enter into linear regression - but, the variable is not linear. So, I want to model it. But, it doesn't work so far. I already tried: log10, exp, ², √, and /1. Is there anything else I could try? I already talked to a...
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    Help: How to transform indicators to one dependent variable?

    Hi I am currently trying to transform 4 indicators from the world value survey to build one dependent variable to run regressions against. I am wondering if I am doing this correct, since I am a statistics beginner in SPSS? 1. Step one is that I have transformed old data and variables...
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    creating a composite variable?

    I am a student doing my master's thesis and I have a question regarding my study. I am working with country data for 25 countries and I am looking into cultural values, attitudes and sociodemographics as predictors of environmental behavior. For the dependent variable environmental behavior I...
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    Create unique variable names in macro

    Hi I have a functioning macro running through daily datasets. The macro itself works as it should and I get the outputs I want. I would however like for SAS to save the files it generates as OUTPUTAdate OUTPUTBdate etc. I can do so using this: data&year&mon2&day2 and then substitute...
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    A complicated Variable: IMO

    For a project, I would like to create a variable, which in my opinion is pretty complex. But I'm very new to Stata, and hope one of you can help me out. My data has 3 vars: country, and city, pop. E.G: Country City Pop U.S City 1 200M U.S...
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    ANOVA? PLEASE HELP :) im so confused

    Hello :wave: , I think of ANOVA analysis as being useful when we want to see if there is a significant difference between the means of levels. Particularly with the one-way-ANOVA, there is one categorical vaiable ... with a few levels .... and one continuous, with a mean number for each...
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    Standard Normal random variable problem: I have no idea on how to start...

    Assume X is a standard normal random and Y ~ N(0,9). What is the 97.5 percentile of p(X) and p(Y)?
  10. F

    How to standardise scale variables with different ranges?

    Hello! I have some variables which are scale but their limits vary. Namely, the one has range from 1 to 30, the other from 2 to 5, and so on. Is there any way to tranform them (or recompute them) in such a way that they will be standardised and will all have the same range? :confused:
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    syntax help with complex variable "recoding"?

    I am new to using syntax in spss, and am having difficulty with the following: -I have a variable ("SES") that I would like to define by multiplying 2 other variables (out of 4 possible), but I would like to "choose" which 2 to use based on which is a larger number. I tried the following...