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    Probability 2-vector probability

    Can someone help me to answer the third question please.
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    Analysis on R

    Hi there, I began using R last week and... It drives me crazy! However, I'm using the package "AnalyzefMRI" and that's right, but I have some problems related to atomic vector. Here's my code: >library(AnalyzeFMRI) > fM0223_004 <- "C:/Users/IVACCHIERI/Downloads/fM00223.fM0223_004.img"...
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    Help with multidimensional scaling for multiple DVs

    Hello statistics experts! I couldn't find an answer to my question so I thought that one of you might know: I have 14 risk sources, like nuclear power plants (let's call them "objects"), and participants judged them on 14 characteristics (e.g., potential danger). Now, I would like to create...
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    Test on Two Mean Vectors

    Hello. I am currently taking a multivariate statistics course and having trouble with this problem. Test Ho: μ' =(6,11) ....... 3 10 Y = (6 12) ...... 5 14 ...... 10 9 I know I need to find the combined T^2 but am not really sure where to start or what steps to...
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    VAR model definition

    Edit: Question Answered. Instead, could you please tell me how can I delete a topic once I post it, if that's possible. Cheers Greetings, I have a question regarding the definition of the VAR model. What follows is the basic theory behind it. Could you please explain to me what the...
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    how to create a vector from function outputs

    Hi everyone, I'm a complete beginner with R and am trying to use it for my maths project, however I'm getting stuck with what I reckon are some quite elementary things, just because I've never used it before and am teaching myself. This is what I have so far and what I am doing: popr =...
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    looping a procedure that utilizes an integration of a function

    Hi, all. I've written a function that returns the survival function for a Gompertz mortality model. I've specified the two model parameters. With a calculation that includes a simple integration, I can calculate the life expectancy at any age. Is there a way I can use a loop with the...
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    I need help on R basics; particularly list manipulation

    First time poster - Thanks in advance for your help! I am reading in over a 1000 data input entries from a ".csv" file that look like the following list: can't drive after midnight and before 5am cannot drive from 12:30am-5am Be off the road by 12:30am I don't know 12:30 curfew curfew-12:30...