1. S

    Can a ratio of performance be used to measure dependence and assign weights in a weighted average?

    With only a modest grasp of inferential stats and maths in general, I've been wondering how one might derive the weights for a weighted average from a variable that isn't as straightforward as a frequency score. Consider the following scenario. Let's say I have measurements of effectiveness for...
  2. N

    Weighing male/female responses (30/70 distribution)

    Hi all! I've got a question. I received 617 responses to a questionnaire however, 445 of them are female (72%). There are two ways to fix this: 1. I could remove 230 female respondents from my data set, bringing my sample back to 385 people. This would leave me with 44% male and 56%...
  3. C

    Formula for prioritization

    Hey guys, I hope you are all doing well. I have a quick question related to an applied research I need to make for my job. Basically, we have a team of 5 people and we are doing different tasks for customers based on the priority of the tasks. So we are having a random order every day (each one...
  4. S

    Weightage - Complex Sample

    Hi. I would like to ask. Is there any difference if i do the analysis using weight case option in SPSS Data> Weight Cases - then do the statistical analysis & compared with Complex Sample - prepared a plan with Analyze> Complex Sample - and do all the analysis there? Thank you.
  5. G

    STATA Fixed Effects problem with weights - "insufficient observations r(2001)"

    I run a FE model in STATA fine if i don't use weights; but when i use weights, i get "insufficient observations r(2001)" error message. The weights are important. Would appreciate any help with this.
  6. M

    How to WEIGHT the adjusted Fisher–Pearson standardized moment coefficient (skewness).

    Hello, I'm using the adjusted Fisher–Pearson standardized moment coefficient formula to calculate the skew of some sample data (it's the same formula that uses Excel - skew()). The problem it's that I need to weight the points in the sample data; because the data should be time-weighted...
  7. trinker

    Rank Coefficients

    Is there a way to rank the relative importance of correlation coefficients?
  8. A

    Linear Models-Given three objects of unknown weight and a set of scales with one pan.

    Hi all, I am new to this and pure desperation is starting to set in. Below is my problem: Three objects with unknown weights are weighed on a set of scales in all possible combinations giving seven independent measurements (y_1,...,y_7). Each measurement includes a random error term, , with...