weighting variables

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    Weighting variables in a questionnaire

    Hi all, I am trying to develop a medical questionnaire to predict the presence or absence of pain. The questionnaire comprises of 4 different components, usually an overall score would be derived by adding each component together eg A + B + C + D. However, this approach doesn't consider the...
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    Combining Symmetrized Percent Change (SPC) values

    Hello Talk Stats members, I'm relatively new to statistics, so please let me know if I'm off course! I was wondering if a total symmetrized percent change (SPC) could be calculated from two separate SPC values using weighting as can be done for percent change values. e.g....Total SPC in...
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    Whether / how to combine 2 linear equations for different variables, and weighting

    I'm analysing results from measurements of 2 variables (a, b). The goal is to use them singly or together to determine a 3rd variable, c. All 3 variables are instrumented, measured data (not social science). We made over 5000 simultaneous measurements of a & b. Our equipment software gave us...