z test

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    One sample t test

    I have a population of 11 samples. Can I take the mean from 2 of those 11 samples and use a one sample t test to determine if the mean of the 2 samples differs from the 11 sample population? Is there a better method? Thank you
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    Two-sided test of equality for column proportions

    Hello! I have a table of data that I have to show statistical significance for. The data compares the number of minority vs. non-minority persons in a program who were employed vs. unemployed during quarter 2 last year. I have to show that the differences between minority vs. non-minority...
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    Z test: can I use it in this context ?

    Hello all. Nice to meet you. I would like to consult you regarding a problem I'm facing: Imagin you have a dataset containing all of the operating workplaces in a certain city (say, 500 in number). The dataset contains the workplace name, average salary and percentage of workers by race and...
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    Whether to use z test or t test

    hi team, I got the following question given below. According to me this should be solved using z test as the sample size is more than 30. But they are using t test. What is the correct method z test or t test? Please advice A social worker wants to know whether the mean annual salary of...
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    Directional test help

    Directional test (H1:M<μ) – In the city there is normally a mean of 75 parking tickets issued per officer with a standard deviation of 12. The police are testing a new no parking signs using a sample area of 30 officers and tickets are down to a mean of 68. Is this significantly lower?
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    I need help with directional test

    Directional test (H1:M>μ) – You are trying out a new fertilizer on your farm. The population mean for your corn is 130 lbs per acre with a population standard deviation of 20 lbs. Your test sample of 60 acres resulted in 133 lbs per acre. Is this significantly more? The z score i got is...
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    Chi square and Z test for proportions for nominal data

    I believe that to analyse 2 sets of nominal data chi square test is used ... can't we use Z test for proportions also to analyse 2 sets of nominal data ...
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    Comparing proportions from the (somewhat) same sample

    Hi everybody, I’m looking for some help on testing whether there are statistical differences between proportions when the data is dependent. By dependent, I mean that all the data is from the same participants though I’m not talking about a repeated measures experimental design but instead...
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    Which statistical procedure to use (given standard deviations and means)?

    Can someone please help me with this? Which statistical procedure could I use, and how could I set this up? A company operates four machines during three shifts each day. From production records, the data in the table below were collected. At the .05 level of significance test to determine if...
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    Need urget help for one sample z test of proportions

    Hi All, I need to confirm whether I am doing it correctly. Survey question is: Have you ever witnessed violent episodes/incidents in the last week? 1. NO 2. Yes. 58% witnessed/experienced violent incidents and others 38% didn't with 4% missing responses. I just need to test...