AARGH! My poor back (button)!

The last couple of days, I've been noticing that my back button is getting all filled up with Googleads links for doublclick. Today it is on every single link I follow. What's up with that? I assume it's something from the banner ads, which I totally understand having. But can it be coded so that I don't have to follow the breadcrumbs at the top of the page and I can just click "back" when I'm done reading a post? I'm not going to click "back" 20 times just to get back to the forum.

"http://googleads.g.doubleclick.net/page" is the text I can see.

Pretty please? With sugar on top? It would be really nice. Thanks!
OK, there is a better Microsoft Forum for this, and the sign up is easy since you're already a microsoft member.

It is called The Microsoft Internet Explorer Feedback Program used to report bugs. They show open and closed tickets, and this one is recently and still open. Please try to have examples of these links and screen shots & try to give an example of a particular web page it occurs on.


In the SEARCH - Feedback field, enter "back button problem" and select it from the list

Your comment should be entered with a detailed explanation and some examples, then click on submit. Next you should click on the "attachments" tab and upload any screenshots of this and then click submit.

It's up to us to overhwelm them with evidence!
So, this problem has been well documented across the web and on these forums, but I am still looking for a fix. On multiple websites, when I click on the back button, it just lands me on the same page I've been viewing. After browsing the page, in order to go back to the previous page, I have to double click or even triple click at times in order to back out of the page. Clicking the back button once just seems to refresh the page I'm on. This is getting more annoying every time I am using a search engine (both Google and Bing) and surfing through several different pages, as it's beginning to happen quite often. People are also seeing doubleclick.ads being inserted as "extra" links into their back button's history as well. So, is this an IE problem or a GoogleAds problem. Since Firefox does not seem to have this issue, it could indicate that IE isn't keeping up with their coding and stopping events like this from happening. Or, it could mean that these ads and redirects are occurring because Google and other ad makers are using bad code and the people at Firefox have figured out how to thwart it. Either way, Microsoft should do the same-put out a fix for this nuisance or end up losing IE users.

One example is:

From Google search page, typing in "best autobiographies"

Scrolling down and selecting the goodreads.com site from the results

After spending about a minute on the page, clicking the back button once just lands me back on the goodreads.com page

Double-clicking will take me back to search results page

A second example:

Here's a screen shot of what occurred on the abcnews website. At first glance, the URL history is normal and I can go back to the previous page, but after being on the page for about 30 seconds or so, that link gets inserted so that then I am forced to double-click to go back to my previous page.

(screenshot avail at the microsoft bug site)

My attempts to fix:

I have reset IE, I even used Microsoft's IE Fix tool, I tried putting doubleclick.ads link into my restricted sites, I disabled scripting, I enabled 3rd party, I scanned for viruses and did registry fixes, scanned for adware and malware, updated my tracking protection lists for IE, don't have any add-ons, and more. To no avail. Still happening on both my pc's, one has IE9 and the other has IE10.


I too experience this problem on a REGULAR basis. It's annoying and began happening to me as soon as I was forcibly (thank you M$) upgraded to IE 10. (Running on w7 64). Go to almost any web site, decide to 'go back' and hit the back button, end up on the exact same page I was on. Hit it again, back again. Only if I time it well and hit the back button 2-3 times quickly will I get truly returned back to where I wanted to be. And - if I hit the back button too many times I end up 2 pages back which is SO annoying.

As posted by twinkly1974 I too can see that my back button 'history' list many times shows a long list of ad site names that mean that I could be sitting there hitting the back button forever.

My suggestion - absolutely prevent the history list from being modified by anyone other than IE, thus allowing it to be used solely for the purpose it was (supposedly) designed for - going back!


Here's someone's explanation of the problem in more technical terms:

"In Internet Explorer, when a page is loaded, the address of the prior page is added to the history stack. However, IE is also pushing the current page url to the history stack for every Google Ad that is loaded. So when the back button is pressed, it attempts to go back to the prior page, which is the same as the current page and nothing appears to happen. However, if you press the button enough times and all of the extra instances of the current page have been removed from the stack, the browser will finally go back to the previous page."



Steps to reproduce the problem:
1. Open attached testcases and select a link from that page
2. Right-click the "Back" button

What is the expected behavior? To get back to the previous page.
What is the actual result? Ten history entries are inserted into history. Going back makes the frames with errors show up blank instead of actually going to the previous page.

Did this work before? N/A

The testcase is the result of the investigation: whenever a frame is added after the page finishes loading and that frame fails to load a new history entry is created. This tends to be very confusing because often these frames aren't even visible. Why the frame fails to load doesn't matter, the internal redirect to the error page is apparently causing the history entry to be added. I think that this internal redirect should not be affecting a user's history and should be fixed.

User 2-
I have found the root cause of the issue. In didStartProvisionalLoad we have:

if (frame->parent()->isLoading()) {
// Take note of AUTO_SUBFRAME loads here, so that we can know how to
// load an error page. See didFailProvisionalLoad.

This results in transition_type_ of content::pAGE_TRANSITION_LINK if the parent page is no longer loading. In this case, the parent page has already loaded and we are inserting iframes using JavaScript, so the transition_type_ stays unchanged.

If the load fails, we enter didFailProvisionalLoad, which in turn does:

bool replace =
navigation_state->pending_page_id() != -1 ||
navigation_state->transition_type() ==

Since transition_type is PAGE_TRANSITION_LINK due to the logic in didStartProvisionalLoad, we end up with replace being false. This then causes us to load the error page as a new history item instead of replacing the current one.

User 3-
So let me get this straight. An ad company isn't fixing a bug in their code that causes undesirable behavior when an ad blocking is used. Shocking.
Bug is very annoying - if page manages to fully load before "Back" button or shortcut is triggered again, it becomes impossible to leave the page without opening history menu for current tab. For pages with dynamic frame loading this efficiently means corruption of tab history before you even notice the problem.

User 2-
Initial iframe load shouldn't add session history item. We are fixing the behavior of setReplacesCurrentHistoryItem for initial frame navigation.

Fixing initial erroneous navigation in iframe to not add history entry. The underlying issue is that AUTO_SUBFRAME transition type was incorrectly being set on subframe navigations. I'm fixing this to be compliant with the HTML5 spec.

User 4-
Seeing this issue also. Behavior is page dependent and consistent. For example:

will cause multiple history entries for the page and "back button" will not work.

causes only a single history entry and "back button" still works.

This behavior is identical on every retry.

User 5-
Been having the problem for a while now, just got frustrated enough to do some searching. Most apparent for me at Amazon.com - terrible behavior when browsing products.

User 6-
Being blasted with ads isn't favorable and neither is having to hit the back button X number of times to actually go back. I'm not one to spam up pages with "fixitfixitfixitplzplzplz", but as others have said, this should really be a P1/blocking bug. It seems the root cause was discovered, so what's the problem here?


Here is the solution of one website owner:

" meshane Aug 31, 2012 11:06 AM

I have some good news to report. Sorry to change directions again on the suspected cause, but as I said this is a complex issue and there have been a number of people looking into this since early July. Ultimately, it comes down to some ads exposing a bug in Internet Explorer. We were able to track the cause of this down to a 3rd party ad network, and found a particular ad that was causing this. We have now blocked this ad, but we do suspect that more than one ad is causing this behavior which is part of why it's been hard to track down. We will continue to try to root out the cause of the problem and remove any ads which trigger the bug. If you encounter this again, please continue to let us know, and screen captures of ALL the ads on the page at the time are always helpful.

I know that ads can be an annoyance but they are what keeps chowhound's doors open. We will continue to do our best to keep disruptive ads from reaching the chowhound community.

- Shane"


SOOOO, is our only hope to complain to individual site owners? If they lose viewers, they lose revenue (and how ironic over an ad issue which generates revenue for them). This issue has been happening for years & still no fix from Microsoft. If Firefox can get it right, I'm not sure why IE (the most used browser in the world by both households AND businesses) can't at least steer us in the right direction, if not update IE with a fix!
LOL Spunky, it's a long-a$$ example of a growing problem with ads. The javascript codes that are used in HTML to place ads on a website are interfering with users being able to simply back-click to a previous page. Instead, there are these googleads.g.doubleclick.net links or in some cases assets.pinterest.com links that get inserted into the back button history (right click on your back button). Ads are opening up false pages (or frames) briefly (and if your PC is fast, it's almost invisibly) but you never get redirected to an ad page.

One back button click lands you on the same page. The more the ads refresh on the page, the more of these false links get added to the back button history.
Quick double or triple clicking can sometimes get you back to the previous page (ie: the page you were on before).

Browser security should help users block these intrusive javascripts from ads that interfere with a users back button. It is a growing trend on some major websites. Firefox has fixed this bug. If you notice it on your IE, it is extremely annoying. If you don't consider yourself lucky.


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i don't use IE so i guess that's why i'm not seeing the problem.

the thing is since you resuscitated a post from about a couple of weeks ago and then started posting thread after thread the rest of us (mvc's and mods) were wondering what seemed to be the issue here.


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I don't even know what to do with this thread - to moderate, delete marked as solved?:shakehead

Use linux or at least firefox and the your hassles will go away forever.
It's not actually an IE problem, because I also get it at home on FF sometimes. I have to use IE at work, and that's where I most often check this site.

Seems to be gone for now. Which is good. It's just frustrating to have to use the breadcrumbs at the top and then try to remember where I last was. Ah, well...
People are having this problem all over the web. The BEST place to complain about the IE bug (and yes, it is IE and the way they are handling the scripting from these ads) is at the microsoft connect site specifically used for reporting bugs.

GO TO- https://connect.microsoft.com/ie SEARCH in the feedback for "BACK BUTTON PROBLEM" and add your issue (with screenshots) there.

Make sure you click the button that you can validate or replicate this issue, because on previous complaints, people weren't verifying the problem by saying "Hey, this is happening to me too" and the previous complaints were closed.

I'm experiencing this issue on 3 different PCs, and have scanned for malware, trojans, viruses, etc. I have added the sites to my restricted lists to no avail.

Definitely a scripting problem with the ads, but it is happening with ads from yieldmanager, facebook, and pinterest as well, so IE needs to come out with a way to handle these faulty codes. Firefox seems to do well and I haven't had an issue using the back button on the same sites. So, I know it's possible.

Good luck, and pleaaaase help a sister out! I've been scouring the web for hours about this and trying to find a fix. Our best hope is to give IE plenty of instances so they can't ignore this growing problem!
bugman, LOL i haven't seen it "solved" anywhere across the web. it's quite an interesting issue and apparently has been going on for years...i'm just obsessed with it now, as I haven't had it happening to my PC until the last couple months. so yeah, i thought i had a virus and OMG...i've scourrrrred the net like a crazy lady looking for answers. not sure this is the right forum for it (but not as bad as people on the knitting site looking for answers about this same issue) which is why i posted the info about the microsoft connect. helpful in any event with reporting IE bugs.