About multiple correction T-test

Hi everyone, I'm newbie in this field.

I was confused on my data in this few days.

I would like to compares the gene expression between "control and treatment"

Then, I have done the welch's t tests without followed by Bonferroni test because I think there are only two groups for comparison and alpha value is same even go through the Bonferroni test.

So, i would like to ask some suggestions from experts, is it correct about my thinking?

Thank you!:)


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If you are not doing multiple comparisons, then a correction is likely not needed. Though, of note you should set your alpha to your a priori level of type I error acceptance. Meaning, you don't have to commit to 0.05, it should be based on the context and risks you would like to circumnavigate.


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sounds like maybe micro array? probably should mention maybe multiple comparison is from many genes then, traditionally false detection rate / benjamin hochberg adjustment then.