Academic Progression Decisions

Hey guys, this is probably quite similar to a couple of threads below but here goes:
I'm in the final year of my Maths and Statistics degree and I'm going to get the usual 2:1 which I'm happy enough with of course. However I have a major decision to make with regards next year.
I've been accepted into two different Master's. Firstly, in Statistics. Secondly, in Actuarial Science. At the moment, I can't make my mind up. The money in Actuarial Science has me leaning toward it (I think).
I know everyone's going to say that I need to decide for myself but I'm just looking to see if anyone with more life/work experience than me has any advice?
Basically, what sort of work does the average MSc. in stats student go into? Salary? Will I be sitting at a computer 9-5 etc? The Actuarial Programme just seems a lot more straight-forward at the moment. As in, do my MSc., get on a graduate programme, do the Actuarial exams.
Any comments/critcisms welcome.