Adding missing values while comparing two vector..

Let say i have

But, I want to have the final output something like:

       aa freq
	0 13
	[COLOR="red"]1  0[/COLOR]
	2  4
	3  5
	[COLOR="red"]4  0[/COLOR]
	5  2
So, i want to "automatically" generate for any value aa with zero frequency, i want to add the missing value of aa and its zero frequency into the table. So, i dont have to manually type and check this step again and again whenever i change the value of aa. Simply say, i want to add those missing line in table_aa generated by table(aa).

P/S: Actually table_aa is just a frequency table of aa which can be obtained using table(aa). But, as an example here, i simply set their values.

Mike White

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I am not sure how this question differs from your previous query on Count Frequency which received several solutions that appear to do what you want.


Ninja say what!?!
One solution is to create a sequence with the seq command. Then to merge the values into the sequence and set any missing values to 0.
Yes, i already check that thread, i tried the factor suggestion some time ago.. And since i want to extract the freq values later, saving it using actually solve my problem. My codes are getting longer and i lost my sight about the line where i construct the table. So, when i have entries with zero frequency i keep typing the frequency manually and find it's just tedious. Sorry for double posting and any inconvenience caused.

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