Advise in Biostatistic career, please

Hi All,
I am an Industrial Engineer and Teacher and I just want to change my career but I don’t have any experience in Biostatistics. I have a strong mathematical foundation. I think that Biostatistics is meaningful and rewarding career and help cure diseases and improve quality of life.
I am very interested in applying to a Biostatistics Certificate Program. I found an online program at University of California San Diego. I am not sure if it is a good option?. Actually, I am doing an online course: "Statistics in Medicine" from Stanford.
My goal is find an entry-level Biostatistics position.
Could you someone provide me with some guidance?
Thank you for your help!.


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I am an doctorate-level epidemiologist, which performs biostatistics daily - and I can tell you it that it is very fun and rewarding.

Can you tell us about what tasks you currently perform, which may translate over? Also, what stats coursework did you completed with your engineering degree? Also, what do you teach?

A certificate is a good idea. I may recommend a non-online program if you do not have any vocational experience. I say this so that you can, if you have a local university, get a little networking or foot in the door. In addition, you may also want to look out for data science jobs at hospitals and then try to transition over, in order to get your foot in the door. If you are currently doing stats and all you need is to pick up a few particulars and can just apply msst of your current tasks or skills to medicine - you can probably make the transition easy enough. Another option is looking into process or quality improvement. Many hospitals will have PI teams, which may be a good fit or also help you gain entrée.