Analyzing grades

Not sure where to put this question but I seriously need help!! I was tasked to find out how many students out of roughly 200 took a quiz multiple times and how many times they took a particular quiz. I have this all in excel but is there an easy way to do this without having to manually count after sorting by quiz and then by student? All help is very much appreciated!!
Thank you for your response! Sorry for not showing my data...I am trying to audit a class to see if there are any cheating situations going on. In multiple classes, students are given unlimited attempts at the quiz within a week's time. There are multiple students taking the quiz up to 15x times, until they pass. I want to be able to see how many times each student is taking a specific quiz (There are 12x quizzes total) until they pass. Below is how the columns are outlines in excel - so how would you go about this, without having to manually count for roughly 200 students and 12 tests?.

Quiz Name Student Name Grade Attempt Date
Thank you...I've been playing around with that. I think I got it figured out now... Wish there was a way I could send you my data to show me the best way to go about this.