ANCOVA - conflicting results, how to code test

I carried out a group project on a uni field course looking at whether a species' vigilance was affected by whether or not there were young in the group. We recorded the number of adults and young and then observed how much of the time the adults in each group were vigilant. We also recorded whether we observed the group in the morning or afternoon. I've been trying to look at the effect of young presence on vigilance, and also whether there's any effect of or interaction with group size or time of day. Problem is, I've done several versions of the tests because I don't know which is right, and I've got really different results. This is what I've got so far (youngp is a factor - present or not, ampm is am or pm, adults is no. of adults in the group).

Are any of these the appropriate way of looking at my question or am I on completely the wrong track? And can anyone explain, whether my tests are right or not, why they give such different results? Thank you, and sorry you've had to witness my appalling stats! Victoria


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