I was wondering whether anyone could help?

My current dissertation I am looking at participants opinions of two different types of recruitment: Traditional and GBA.

They completed a survey where the answered identical questions on both types, I then completed a factor analysis on these Likert-Scale answers and combined them into 4 themes.

My question is I want to compare the scores over the 4 themes between traditional and GBA - I had conducted 4 ANOVAs for each theme, is this correct?

Also I then want to determine whether a participants age and gender had an impact on their opinions of these two methods, over the 4 themes. Would this be 2 MANOVAs? And would they be one way or two way?

Thanks for your help!



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Do the questions in each theme get combined into a single theme score so that each participant has 8 scores - one for each theme/type combination? If so, it sounds like a two way repeated measures anova.