Anyone up for a run?


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I used to be a personal trainer, but even in that you get rusty from lack of practice. So last night I opened up my Exercise Bible to review aerobic training protocols and adaptation. I've made some adjustments to my conditioning program now. Namely, I'm making sure to incorporate interval training at least every other day. The reason is no different than when lifting weights: No Pain No Gain. You push yourself to lift higher weights to exhaustion because you want your body to adapt by growing the muscles larger, improving neuromuscular facilitation, etc., so that you can perform lifting that level of resistance. The difference is that in aerobic training we're trying to adapt by improving lung function, nervous system responses, hormonal responses, capillary size, and (heart) stroke volume. While the "long and slow" is good for training your body to be able to run at a given pace for a long time, you're not inducing the intended training protocol we desire: increase stroke volume and VO2 max (lung function). You target that through high intensity training.

Think of it this way, it is nice to be able to bench 200 lbs 20 times, but to get there you don't just bench 200 lbs until you can do it 20 times. You train by lifting 250 lbs in 3 sets of 8 reps, say. In the same way, you don't train to run an hour by just trying to run an hour. You run, say, 10 to 20 minute intervals with 1:2 (high:low) splits.

If you're not incorporating interval training into your workout routine, I highly recommend it. The actual exercise protocol is entirely up to you. I personally can't handle running at high intensity (sprints) due to my knees. That doesn't mean I can't do sprint lengths in the pool, high intensity incline on an elliptical, or just kick my butt on a spin bike. Personally, I'd rather just do sprints, but it is good to mix it up because you're changing up the muscular adaptation, also. You utilize different muscles when you do that. Therefore, use multiple exercise protocols for your interval training. If you have any questions, suggestions, or whatever, let's talk about it.

Today I did a 45:90 (seconds) 5 split interval on a spin bike. I thought I was going to die! I was breathing really hard, and that's what you want. When you lift weights we often talk about feeling the "pump" (of blood through the muscles). When it comes to aerobic training, you feel your diaphragm pump! I've actually made my chest sore from breathing so hard in the past. We'll see if my very non-gentle re-introduction to interval training does it again lol

74.3 + 1.5 = 75.8 miles (122.00 km)

PT: 19.5 miles (26%)



Thanks for info. I'm on week 3 of a program called insanity that's based on interval training. I'm seeing some pretty great results as far as strength and endurance, but am not shedding the pounds (my goal was 10 pounds and I'm the same weight). I tell myself it's because I'm gaining muscle and loosing fat but I know in my heart that's crap.;) Gotta push it harder.

75.8 + 1.5 = 77.3 miles (124.4 km)
PT: 6 miles


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I tell myself it's because I'm gaining muscle and loosing fat but I know in my heart that's crap.
You can check your body fat with homemade calipers.
At 5'9" I weighed 156# in high school. Now I weigh 180#. Scaling my height and weight to body builders who are 5'9" I should weigh 185# and be very muscular. Weight = K x height^2.1

Also, check your hp output, either on a machine or by running upstairs.
If you can go up
6 flights of stairs (72') in
20 seconds and you weigh
160#, that is
(72x160)/(20x550)= ~1 hp.


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My name is RIGHT there and you spelled it wrong! Don't worry, you're far from unique in that lol

Anyway, in your initial training it would be impossible to gain a ton of mass to account for a loss in fat. The more acute adaptations are largely neurological and chemical. You're body is becoming better adapting at using the system it has to get the job done (i.e., by nervous and endocrine responses). Muscle mass will change, but it is a slower change. Now, you will lose fat, though. The biggest fat burner is the increase in your metabolism. Your body has a higher demand at all times due to an increase in activity habits. Therefore, while you're resting and doing your daily things, you're burning more energy. At that "intensity level" of regular habits, you're mostly burning fat (walking around the house doesn't have high energy demands! lol). This is what is known as your Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT). The benefit of training for fat loss does not come from the exercise. It comes from the impact it has on your metabolism throughout the day: by increasing your NEAT. The reason you may not lose weight, however, could be a result of things like, say, water storage. Higher demands on activity means higher demands in the products your body needs to get the job done: water, protein, electrolytes, etc. Of course, this can all be crap, too! But the best way is to get a reading on your actual body composition. It is much easier to use an electrical impedance device (hand-held). I picked mine up cheap from REI for like $30. It looks to be the same at Amazon. (I had an REI coupon, though).

I've taken time off from running (due to my knee), but I'll be working on building it up again, soon. I'm focusing on muscular endurance and muscular strength conditioning right now. In that way, I should be better able to run as long as my knee has gotten some recovery from the rest it's received. The interval training and muscular endurance training (did a five set 3 times, 2 days ago: good mornings [45 lbs; 15 reps], free squats [18 reps], bent over row [85 lbs; 10 reps], biceps curl [70 lbs; 12 reps], upright row [70 lbs; 10 reps]) has really kicked my butt!


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I took some time off from running nearly every day. I did one session of interval training (on a bike, back when I mentioned it) and one session of muscular endurance training (the 5-set the other day). Along with weight training a few times a week in general, I have made some improvement getting back into my running! Now if only I could see some body composition results happening faster. Being lighter would really help my running lol

77.3 + 2.5 = 79.8 miles (128.43 km)

PT: 22 miles (27.6%)


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Ugh, allergies or something must be bothering me because my head has been really pressurized and I've been really tired lately. I think I'm getting better, though. I'll definitely try to hit the gym tonight (haven't since like Monday, I think). If all goes well, I plan to run everyday this weekend. Hopefully I'll pull that goal down to 10 miles and we'll be done by the end of next week, easy! Well, I'm sure we will even if I stayed in bed all weekend, but I want to have a good contribution percentage when we review this exercise lol


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Where's Dason been? He said he was feeling better almost a week ago. :D
I did go on a run the day after I said that. I forgot to log it though. It was my typical run so the update at the end of the post. The rest of the time I was trying to avoid this heatwave and not to mention I have been buuuusy.

83.3 + 2 = 85.3 (137.27 km)


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Ugh, I haven't worked out in probably 5+ days since the past few days I was either busy or feeling crappy from a sinus inflammation or something. Feeling better now, so I added an extra 1/2 mile to my run to the gym (1.25). It was also pretty hot today, but the run back was cool compared to the 10+ minutes I spent in the dry sauna!! Not having eaten for 12+ hours didn't help me feel well when I got home, haha

85.3 + 2 = 87.3 miles (140.50 km)

PT: 25.5 miles (29%)


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Ugh, I went to the gym at 5 AM and was going to do some interval training. I figured a light 5 minute jog should be a good warm-up. Turned into an 8:50 mile (fast for my knee, but no pain!). Since I was a bit worked up I figured I would do the interval training after the weights, since last time the interval training killed any weight lifting I was going to do. Turns out to be the converse this time. I did a 6-set twice that left me almost ready to puke! But at least I have another mile to add.

Come on guys, we're supposed to be finishing this up this week. We're nearly there!

87.3 + 1 = 88.3 (142.11 km)

PT: 26.5


The plan for me is to get 2 miles in tonight (already did my insanity work out, this week is the recovery week [so I should be recovering but...]).

Settled in into my new house -> Decided to start my jogging again
I saw this somewhere, just can't remember where. Anyone see this? :)


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I'm away for the week but have been running about 2 miles in the morning every day.

91.3 + 9 = 100.3 (160.93 km)