Arch Challenge


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Better late than never:

things to do still: (any help appreciated)

1) install rstudio not as inuative as I hoped
2) start DE automatically at startup (again - finding this difficult to resolve)
3) apply my awsome conkys from main system
4) tweak icons and themes....


This super fast on my 11 yr old laptop!
Well done bugman!!

How are you liking Arch? I have just setup my machine with fluxbox (600kb!! :) )

And it is incredibly fast and painless (well.. atleast once you get the hang of it!).

Now I'm off to customize conky some more.. (I want it t display my r simulation progress).



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By hand until now, and that has been working fine... as I don't need them that often. Is yaourt any good?
yaourt is nice. It's basically just like using pacman except you can grab from the AUR. The nice bonus though is that it allows you to check for updates easily - I don't think if you install 'by hand' that you get that auto updating from AUR.


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Please share code and output. It'd the only is template in slidify I haven't played with.
I sure will do trinker, maybe we can start a slidify share you code thread? As this is the only template I have played with so I would love to learn more!

I really like impress.js .. its the webintegration that makes it really powerfull! I love that I can use a .css file.. add dynamic content via php amongst other things. It is awesome.
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Well done bugman!!

How are you liking Arch? I have just setup my machine with fluxbox (600kb!! :) )

And it is incredibly fast and painless (well.. atleast once you get the hang of it!).
Now I'm off to customize conky some more.. (I want it t display my r simulation progress).
TE, I love Arch and once I have finished configuring my laptop and learning how to install stuff (like Yaourt), I plan to install it on my main system over mInt and have a Cinnimoon DE.

What I love is that is boots lightening fast, and my old laptop has been brought back from the dead (well the drawer at least). I also love pacman and the fact its a rolling release! I wouldn't want to go through that evertime a new version came out!

I'll post a screen shot once i have configured it fully - {UPDATE: yaourt is now installed}. Now I need to install a dock and r-studio. I have conky working. I installed gnome fisrt up but my old notebook couldnt hack it, so I went with Xfce. So far its cool. Light weight, but less intuative (for example pinning apps to panels is not just a matter of dragging them like in MINT). However, I must say this challenge was a brillliant idea. I mean I have looked at arch and figured it was just beyond me and I know dason has always said good things about it. So anyway, I am happy.

Next we should do a Gentoo challenge!


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I PM 'd Dason today and asked him about installing yaourt becasue I was having trouble with it. I also asked him about how to boot the DE at startup. Anyway, I figured for those reading this, adnd those also interested in trying arch that this info. would be more useful in the thread so here it is:

ME: Hi Dason

I was hoping you could help me with another arch issue?

I am trying to install yaourt and I run the following:

sudo pacman -S package-query
sudo pacman -S yaourt

both come back with "error: target not found: package-query..."

any pointers?

Is this to do with mirrors?



Not quite. package-query is stored on AUR and you can't just download from AUR using pacman. Downloading from the AUR requires you either follow the steps here:

... or use a aur-helper (like yaourt). It's not a bad idea to install at least one package from the AUR using the steps listed in that link just so you're familiar with what is going on behind the scenes though.

But to be honest I just installed yaourt using their repository. The steps to do that are listed in the wiki page for yaourt:

It's pretty simple to get yaourt installed and then after that it's pretty simple to build from the AUR. Let me know if you have other questions - and don't be afraid to post this kind of stuff in the thread either.

No problem. It's pretty simple. I don't know what your preferred text editor is but I'll assume you're ok using nano - if not then just replace nano with whatever text editor you prefer (I typically use vim for command line editing).

I'm also assuming you have sudo installed? If not the following will need to be modified slightly (you just need root power to modify the file of interest)


sudo nano /etc/pacman.conf

then we want to add the following to the end of the file:

SigLevel = Never
Server =$arch

When you added the text (if you're using nano) do Ctrl-o (to save the file) and then Ctrl-x to quit.

After that you should be able to update:
sudo pacman -Syy

then you can install yaourt
sudo pacman -S yaourt

Once yaourt is installed you can install directly from the AUR using yaourt and since package-query is something you want from the AUR apparently you could use yaourt to install it. When running yaourt you typically don't use sudo to gain root privileges.

yaourt -S package-query

It will probably ask you if you want to edit the PKGBUILD. It's not a bad idea to take a look at the PKGBUILD to get an idea of what it is going to do to your system but you won't typically need to change anything in there.


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Thanks guys, I was having trouble doing it from command line. Anyway, I just figured it out and I didn't have gvfs installed. Now its working fine!

Just the conky and dock themes to sort out


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Why don't you tells us exactly what we are looking at? Looks good :)

XFCE4 desktop
Conky time and date
Conky workspace indicator
Arch linux applications start icon on semi transparent panel
App launchers (Faenza icons) on cairo dock

No compiz or other fancy stuff because I want to keep this ultra light weight, but I installed arch on my other laptop and plan to have a go with fluxbox later in the week.

Arch addict.