Are effect sizes required when reporting a Linear Mixed Model? If so, how are they calculated?

I have undertaken an RCT and, given multiple irregular time-point measures of the DV, have used linear mixed models to analyse the results and include moderator/predictor variables.
CONSORT is quite emphatic about the reporting of effect sizes. However, SPSS does not produce these for linear mixed models, as far as I am aware.
Also, I have not seen many papers report them either. The one that I have references this paper as to how they calculated them:
Power Analysis and Effect Size in Mixed Effects Models: A Tutorial
But looking at the equation, I am not sure which bits correspond to which parts of my SPSS output.

Can anyone simplify this method?
Provide me with another way of calculating effect sizes from LMM?
Or provide me with evidence and rationale as to why effect sizes are not needed when reporting LMMs?

Many many thanks!


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I think you are fine reporting the parameter estimates and/or ICC with confidence intervals.