Are there any structured online courses for SAS

Besides the expensive official SAS training, are there free or more affordable SAS training I can do (like coursera, udemy, datacamp, etc etc)?

I'm moving into a job that uses SAS soon and prefer to have a little bit of foundation if possible.


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Which type of SAS are you trying to do? For example PROC SQL is totally different than the statistics or base SAS.

You can purchase books the courses are taught through, go on line for materials (there is a vast amount) and so on. I have found it much easier to learn SAS that way not through courses. On virtually any topic there is something on line that explains it (I use this all the time). The little SAS books or little SAS books for EG may be useful.


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Do you know if you will be using coding or a GUI version.

SAS has a YouTube channel that has lectures. Some of the Coursera courses use some SAS, but not much. I think the Data Science ones from Wesley University had some SAS code. Historically SAS has really neglected to have online resources. I think they thought they were trying to make themselves exclusive and you have to get info from them. But now they are getting desperate with so many open source programs.

Some universities have good webpages with code. Offhand I can think of UCLA and Penn State.
I think it's PROC sql. When I spoke with my team, they pretty much said that if I already know SQL, then I should be fine. I do know SQL very well on oracle and Microsoft platform, but wasn't sure if that was enough.

Last time I played with SAS, I got really frustrated with date formats and input, put commands


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UCLA is excellent for SAS that deals with statistics. IDRIS I think is what they call it.

If you know SQL than PROC SQL is very similar although there are syntax differences and the functions are very different. I suggest the book SAS FUNCTIONS BY EXAMPLE by Ron Cody. For PROC SQL The Essential PROC SQL Handbook for SAS Users by Katherine Prairie is very useful. But there is tons of online stuff as well. The Little Books for EG are also a help.


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Yeah, initially learning all of the data step procedures for cleaning and editing data is tedious in any language. If you have clean data, then it just comes down to applying the stats you need to use.