array representation

Hi there,
I would like to represent (lots of) arrays of data (each contains 64 by 64cells) in such a way that each value from my data array colors a single cell of equal size in a graph.
This graph should be nothing else than an x*y=z plot, where x and y correspond to arrays above, and the z direction should be the value of each cell present in the array.
I am looking for exact representations of cells of data with the given positional information. I know that g3grid approaches interpolate and can afterwards be plotted, but contours do blur. Likewise, Gcontour plots with pattern option do no do what I want, since the values given to a cell (and hence its coloration) are dependent on the average of its four flanking values - and information can thus get lost. How would one have to tackle this issue?
Any help would be much appreciated!!