Assistantships for Masters student?

Hello all,

I've recently decided to pursue a master's in Statistics instead of a career as an actuary. My ultimate goal is to end up working in government, but I also wouldn't mind industry. I will be applying to a wide array of schools to maximize my chances of landing funding in the form of an assistantship (which is the only way that I can afford graduate school). I am aware, however, that these are much harder to come by as a master's student than as a doctoral student.

I was wondering if anybody could assess my chances based on the following:

-Undergraduate double major: Mathematics (BA) / Economics (BA)
-Overall GPA: 3.97 ; Math GPA: 4.0 ; Economics GPA: 4.0
-Minor in Actuarial Science
-Passed 2 actuarial exams
-Have taken 2 college-level statistics courses and 1 probability course
-University Honors Program Completed
-Worked 3 semesters as a mathematics tutor
-Worked 2 semesters as a teaching/administrative assistant in economics
-Worked as a math teaching assistant at a summer camp for middle school students
-Privately tutored high school students in AP Statistics and Precalculus
-Did a summer actuarial internship
-Vice President of a community service club on campus
-Founder and Former President of an Actuarial Science club on campus
-Have written two independent study research papers in economics (no research directly related to statistics)
-my last GRE practice exam was 169 Quantitative / 162 Verbal (my test is in 2 weeks)

Will my limited experience that is directly stats-related kill my chances? If anybody can offer advice as to what schools offer a lot of TA positions, I'd be interested to hear that, as well.

Also, for the record, I am a U.S. citizen. I'd be willing to travel to just about any part of the country.

Thanks in advance for any advice!!!!
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