Baffling data entry error


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 mydata <- read_excel(file.choose()) # you chose what you want dataforTS
mydatat<- ts(mydata$Spend, start = c(2014, 12), frequency = 12)
I am absolutely baffled by an error that has never occurred before. Mydata imports the right number of records. But mydatat is not pulling in the last two years of data - it is stopping in 2020 although there is no end statement.

I am utterly baffled by why it is doing this.


No cake for spunky
I fixed the problem, went back and the same exact problem happened again.....

I gave up and used SAS.

After wards I reviewed what it was pulling in after I thought it was fixed and all the numbers past the original point were wrong. Not sure where it was even getting the numbers. The first few years were right. But after that it stopped reading correctly.
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No cake for spunky
So it was not creating anything for mydata?

Did you get an error?
hlsmith it was pulling in data and I got no error. But it was chopping off the last two years. This has never happened before. I think, although I am not sure, that for some reason it is pulling in past data from a previous report that had less data in it. Because for the years it reports the results are accurate. It just leaves off the last two years.

I have used this before many times without this problem.