Best online 'analytics' masters degrees

Suppose I want to take formal education and obtain a masters degree in in some kind of applied analytics(and when I say analytics, I mean focus on predictive analytics, machine learning, applied statistic etc etc), which program would be a good one to research?

That's a lot of online programs around the net and I'm not sure which one would be the most reputable. Do I just find the one that is tied to the best university?


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I don't have any recommendations of my own, but I would highly recommend doing your due diligence (like you are doing here). My reservations are that program descriptions/course descriptions can deviate from the actual content (e.g., observed versus expected). I investigated having my work pickup a couple courses for me and the program I looked at ended-up feeling like it was in its infancy and the content was at a much lower level than I expected or as advertised.

Everybody is trying to start an Analytics program/Data Science. There is a huge shortage in the fields, however, I would fret that in 5-10 years many aspects will get automatized/outsourced and the bottomless pit of jobs will be filled. Just my opinion.