Best statistical tools to show student progress from simple data

Hi all,

I run a dj school in the UK. In the past I did a degree on environmental science. My memories of my module on statistical analysis of animal populations leads me to believe there are statistical tools which will elegantly show up trends in my current students progress.

Basically the students give themselves a mark out of 10 each week relating to their perception of how good they are at DJing, music technology and music itself.

1) I would like to analyse this data to see the rate of progress for each individual, while being able to see how much variance is in each individuals self-marking. I hope this will give me an idea who is progressing well but also who is inconsistent in their self-assessment.

2) I would like to be able to compare the progress made between different students.

3) I would like to compare if the progress they made in (for example) DJing is comparable with the progress they made in (for example) Music.

I am confident I can apply the formulae and I am aware of the leg work I will need to put in to set up my spreadsheets - really I just need ideas of suitable methods so I can research them in more detail myself.

That said any other comments or input will be welcome.

Thanks in advance,