Best Stats Job Sites?!?


I am changing companies as a Statistician and was wondering the best online sites for posting my resume. I have already tried quite a bit on Monster and Careerbuilder - so looking for suggestions.

I found and IcrunchData (sp) tonight - should I be focusing my time here? I appreciate suggestions from this forum.


Do a search for data shaping, the analytic bridge... Also have a search for "business intelligence" jobs.

Thanks for posting the stats site, I'm gonna take a look into that.


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Check they have posting for jobs in statistics. They worked with me three years ago and I really liked their people. They are recruiting company, not like Monster or Careerbuilder. I would also recommend checking job posts at American statistical association.

Thanks for you post I'll check the link tonight.
I recently graduated with a MS in stats. I normally check the sites mentioned already as well as and I rarely have luck finding entry level positions but if you have experience, I think you're good to do.

About icrunchdata - I don't find the site to be too helpful. I don't think the site is updated regularly because many times I have come across listings for jobs that are no longer available.