Best way to Test hypotheses? Hierarchical Multiple Regression? Stepwise?

I am writing my bachelor dissertation and Im wondering how to best test my hypotheses. My hypotheses is that Maladaptive Perfectionism predicts affective Rumination and adaptive perfectionism predicts problemsolving rumination and that affective rumination predicts stress better than problemsolving rumination. I have one measure of perfectionism consisting of 8 subscales and further two composite factors of 4 subscales each.
I also have three (affective, problems-solving and depressive rumination) measures of rumination and one measure of stress, all continous variables. What is the best way to establish the relations of these factors, from perfectionism to stress?
I initially thought hierarchical multiple regression of 8 subscales onto each measure of rumination, and then all the measures of rumination onto stress? If you have any further questions please ask! Any advice or reference to good sources will be greatly appreciated!! I am using SPSS 24. Thanks in advance. Regards AndMi
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