Best Zelda Games


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I've only spent any significant time on 9 Zelda games. This is my ranking list. I've played Minish Cap and the Oracle games but only for less than 30 minutes each so I don't feel like I can actually include them on a rankings list.

I'm looking forward to everybody telling me why I'm wrong.

1) Breath of the Wild
2) Ocarina of Time
3) Wind Waker
4) Link's Awakening
5) Majora's Mask
6) The Legend of Zelda
7) A Link to the Past
8) Twilight Princess
9) Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
I've spent 500 hours in Breath of the Wild just running around getting rich and having fun doing nothing. That's the most I've ever put into a single-player game ever.
So I think it's the best game


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Never played them but played a bunch of DragonQuest once when it came free with my subscription to Nintendo Power along with maps and instructional books.
I think the whole Zelda game series is great. Until recently, the only gaming device I had was a PC. My PC was not very powerful, so I only played CS Source V34 and minecraft smp on it. But everything changed when I was given a console with The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker built-in for my birthday. I passed this game completely, and after passing all the missions present in this game, I was inspired by the idea to pass all possible parts of the game. After going through the whole series of Zelda, I can say that the best one is THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: BREATH OF THE WILD.
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