Binary Logistic Regression

Hi all,

I am trying to conduct a logistic regression in SPSS to ascertain whether males are more likely to be non-completers of my intervention relative to females. I am struggling to understand the regression output. In this case, completers have been coded as 0 and non-completers have been coded as 1. Females are the reference group coded as 0 and males are coded as 1.

In terms of the percentages:

Females Males
Completer 432 427
Non-Completer 78 122

The OR I get for gender is .466. What does this mean? I was hoping for something greater than 1 as it appears that Males are significantly more likely to be non-completers relative to females? I entered the reference category as first. When I do it the other way I get an OR of around 2. Can someone please illuminate to me what is happening?

Much appreciated!