Business major looking in the MS Statistics


So I'm about to finish a my BBA and am looking into working with data analytics. There are plenty of great business analytics programs out there that I'm eligible for, but I think I'd like to expand my opportunities (i.e. if I ever want to go into research much later on through a PhD program) by getting a more technical masters in stat. Despite math being a strong suit for me, I don't have enough of the formal coursework to be eligible for many of the stronger programs out there.

How do you recommend I prepare myself for a graduate program in stat? I have no room for a minor or any extra electives. Perhaps a certificate in applied stat or a fast-track data analytics program would give me a good basis to qualify?



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So are you missing the calculus and linear algebra requisites? I think if you are math-minded and have those courses or have taken courses that utilize those concepts, you should be able to get into a program. If there is a particular program you are interested in, I would contact them - so that you know their stance.
The last time I inquired about an MS in Statistics I was told that I must have at least 2 semesters of university level mathematics, i.e., the standard first year linear algebra/calculus sequence in the mathematics stream. I have since enrolled in a BS majoring in Mathematics and Statistics (the "statistics" part actually has little to do with running regressions and plots, it is very, very theoretical - basically a series of classes on probability and estimation theory). I will have the option of switching to an MS Statistics after I pass the first 2 mathematics courses. But completing the BS in Mathematics actually might suit me better since my main interest is in Statistical Theory (I have a lot of professional statistics experience running stats functions on the computer and writing up the results). So far, I have learned a great deal and have had to work pretty hard to keep up with the course. So I think I am in the right place. Good luck, mate.